March 22nd, 2006


Wednesday, March 22

The radio said Overcast. So, of course, I left the house in brilliant sunshine. It was snowing at one point during the drive... then ... sunny again.
Mother nature needs to smooth out her anti-depressant 'script again.

Everything went so smoothly this morning ... with wake ups... breakfasts... and the "come on... the bus is gonna be here soon...." zone... It was nice. Days that start well ... tend to stay on track. :)

I hope there's a lot of that going around. Life is way more fun when everybody is having a good go with things. :)
~ blue stripee ftls
~ khaki cargos...
~ white golf shirt... hiding under a two tone tommy sweater.
~ bang-zoom... busy flipp'en day!!
~ and the boys have fencing after work... so I'll be writing about AR while they parry and thrust...
~ to send a hundred smiles out to crayolaphoenix... just because. ;)
~ to congratulate theartofgirl... going solo girl... :)
~ to let ca_blondi... that I need to sleep good so she better have a good day! :D :D ar ar ar...
~ that super-smoothy... er... evangelinaarion catches a break with that car!!
~ and to say... you wont go wrong checking out njtech's journal... there's always something worth seeing. :)

Birthday moment...
A very heart felt Happy Birthday to a remarkable young woman... Mz ladymeg1... A woman with a beautiful singing voice... talent screaming out of her and ... well, she's got the whole tall girl, red hair, drop dead gorgeous thing going on ... :) Have a wonderful celebration today sugar and I hope the year ahead brings you closer to the people you love and keeps you safely in their arms.

Georgie Poopie Head told America that US troops would likely have to be in Iraq for another three years.
Bwaahahahahahaha.... three? Come on... who actually believes that? No really?

Did you hear? Steve Tyler had an operation on his voice box... it was actually a 'vocal'ectomy'... because ... well, it's about eighty and all worn out. But not to worry... they chopped up Clay Aiken and gave him Clays vocal cords. Fortunately, for the fans.... Areosmith has to play shopping malls from now on.

I strongly suspect that everyone in my family thinks I'm crazy.
I used to be crazy... so I guess I can understand.
Now, they need to realize that I'm actually one of the K-men...
I would have been one of those "x-men" ... but I was way too impatient.
Apparently my mutant-power is existing on 4 hours sleep.
Scary stuff eh... I was gonna get the Laser Beam Eyeball thing,
and then I thought maybe the whole Morph Into Any Other Person thing...
But they forced me to lower my expectations... the whole K-men thing is way less exciting than the x-men.
Just goes to show ya... impatience gets you the short of end of the stick every time.

Ok... time to jet. :)
See ya. :D :D

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Ok... now I'm tired.

geezus... life at work is gonna be cccccrazy wanko nut-tastic for the next couple of weeks.
I do believe I'll need a healthy dose of "shoot me" ... every day... sigh.

I may just chuck it all and become a fruit and vegitable salesman in [ :: Mississippi :: ]
~ cuz you just know the zuccinni is gonna become one mutha hot item on the grocery store shelves... I wonder... if you hooked it up to a hand held milk frother..... ?

Time to go home and get the ball rolling on fencing and chilling for a night of ... not working.

Amazing Race 9 Update!!

Amazing Race 9 Update!!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

And they're ... still going... on a mad dash around Germany. "We were the last team to arrive at the psych-you-out pit stop!" (Team Nerd) After the psych out, it's all about not making flights, fighting over cabs, not getting lost, digging for gnomes and smashing each other in the head. Oh, the fun never stops.

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er... what was the name of the weather plug in for firefox ...
someone recommended one a while ago...
I got it...
it worked g-g-g-g-great!!! and...
now it vanished?

I'm about to go for forecastfox... is that ok or is it a known terrorist of a program?