March 15th, 2006


Wednesday, March 15

~ grrrrrr... :D LOL. (Hiya Kit. :D)

Well now... (affects a decidedly Joey like voice) How you do'en?
I had the worlds greatest sleep last night... This was made most obvious by the comfort I felt during the wake-up zone. Everybody else stayed asleep as I turned off the SCREAMING ALARM CLOCK (the rest of my family is ... immune to alarm clock noise) and wandered through the house to get coffee and have a shower, etc. It was nice.

You know... if you power back any piece of fresh fruit you can lay your hands on as soon as you wake up... well, I'm just saying... it's way good for you and is a nice way to wake up your body. (and THEN get the coffee). :)

We watched two more episodes of Weeds last night. Parker gets laid by Chico on the hood of his fire-chicken after arguing about the penny trip on her ranger and ... I was kinda jealous. :) Idiot BIL (unfortunately named Andy) delivers the shows first naughty bits and I gotta say ... "Well ... we have an hour!" slam!!!! was kinda funny man. I just love this show!

Huh? You've never heard of it? sucka.... :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ brown turtleneck
~ ... and a smile. :)
~ sneak out of bed...
~ shower, shave and dress, all nice and quiet like
~ run around the house kissing sleeping people...
~ eat, make lunch, and BANG. out the door to work
~ go mental working so I can afford to take tomorrow off... (March Break stuff)
~ enjoy a night of calm relaxation. :)
~ for veeter to lose all her crabby bits...
~ for acoolsecretary to lose the tummy flips and feel better soon
~ and for harleydog ... well, to just find silver linings and smiles. :) (ps. go read about skype -

So... what would you do with one thousand dollars? Or more accurately, 1055.95 dollars?
Oh wait... you're a family of four? Ok, make that $4223.86. Come on... think about it... four thousand dollars... and change...
Imagine if you did nothing except give it to charities of your choice... (hey, I said "imagine"). And what if everybody in your city had their own $1055 to give to the charity of their choosing... JUST FREAKING IMAGINE....
Yeah... that would be three hundred and fifteen BILLION dollars... That's enough money to make a great deal of "change" in the realm of charity and social change. You could kiss homelessness goodbye... hunger in the United States would vanish for three hundred billion dollars.
Or... OR!!! You could wage a war in Iraq.
Three hundred and fifteen billion dollars.
and you wonder why I call him Georgie Poopie Head.

Remember the mad cow freak out last year, when the US blocked all imports of Canadian beef? And I said things like "The US has BSE now... it just hasn't shown up... and it has nothing to do with Canadian cows." Man did I take it on the chin from a lot of folks for that bit.
In that spirit... I give you [ :: this article :: ]
~ will wonders never cease...

I have a friend here in lj land who is struggling to come over the hump that is holding her back from life. The hump is a giant pile of ugly feelings that grew from the dissolution of her relationship. Paralyzing angst... indecision... generally bummer vibe time. I wish I could help her see how her world is nothing short of a silver tray set with the best that life has to offer... She's ridiculously attractive... smart... young... and has an outstanding capacity for fun that has been often reflected in her journal.
It's such a waste to let the days of your life pass by, filled with regret and emotional frustration. How does a person bundle up vibes like that and chuck them? I mean, my take is to look to the love of your friends to reinforce the brilliance you have inside you. But it's so hard to reach through your computer and give that level of support.
Pixie... you're a wonderful girl and ... honestly, everybody that knows you ... knows this to be true. Now it's time for you to believe it too.

~ k I'm off to the land of busy. :)
See ya.
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k... just say'en... I know it's free...
I know I shouldn't say anything besides
"thank you for all the service"... but ...
why is it that when I really need things
like Gmail to be working... they have punk ass problems?

Work already.



~ er... ok,... thanks. :)

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The kids are into this online game called "Maple Story".
(google that... it's got a wicked good free component and they've been having a BLAST...)

Do your kids play this game.

Q: How do players "give" fame away? This seems like something they (kids) should know but haven't found a clue as to how it's done.

and: Some online games guard against the "AFK" zone of executing a macro to perform a repetitive action.
This game (Maple Story) does not protect against it and lots of kids use... "macros" to do this stuff.
Now... how? I mean, I grok macros in excel etc. but ... in a flash game? Huh?

Anyone know about this stuff?

Amazing Race 9 Update!!

Amazing Race 9 Update!!

Et Tu Bratos?

And they're off... on a big fake race to the airport... then it's all about Z'Red Menace, and the frat boys thinking with their little heads. We get zip lines, buses, airplanes, and Russian mess-with-your-head music. Unfortunately, we don't actually have a whole episode... only a little tease with Philly and his little mat.

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Zebra is making a brochure for a seniors thing in the community.
She just pointed out that their group considers you a senior at fifty.


This means... I'm like six years away from being a senior...