March 14th, 2006


Tuesday, March 14

totally nutty night... massive downpours of rain... thunder, lightening... (mostly lightening)... and wind... dude! Big wind!



~ blue ftls
~ older blue jeans... tiny little rip in the knee...
~ gray t and a ... um, s'not a sweat shirt... s'not a hoodie, but it has a zipper... a pull-over-with-a-zipper-thing.
~ not working... not even a little. Totally taking today off and not thinking about the office.
~ play a bit with the boys...
~ clean up a bit...
~ go a buy a pair of wellingtons... er... gum boots... um... rubber boots.
~ go to the land and see if they've put any of the roof on!!!!!
~ enjoy a Tuesday...
~ oh and watch AR tonight. :)
~ I could sleep in till' 9:30 every day... well, staying up toooo late is a factor there... but... whatever.
~ there was some emotional relief for a treasured RL friend... find your center Karen... and smile. You are loved sugar.
~ that the business of the day goes well for nbbmom... although she's prol'y "in it now" so wont see this. :)
~ for new info or maybe just solutions to find their way to no
~ that there was a money tree growing in mzbean's back yard...
~ that all is well with hotblue and her new little baby...
~ for speedy healing for Cam's wrist... (roaring_woman's little man Cam)
~ and to send some good karma down to mexico for sweet innerly, just 'cuz.
Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday Mz Meggs (findingmeg)... You're sugar, lil'megs... and I hope you have a sweet year. Enjoy the day, and let the year bring you memories worth stashing away forever... :)
And little miss very absent... kat69m Happy Birthday Kat.

My brother baked me a cherry pie for our family get together last weekend.
I mean... pretty awesome, don't cha'think! :D

and he got me new shades.

(I wanted to say..."Check my new shades" but all I can think of is "how beautiful is george? wow.)

K... now I got loads to do today. :) (none of if office related!! :D :D)
see ya muchachos y muchachas...
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Sandra Day O'Connor, a Republican-appointed
judge who retired last month after 24 years on the
supreme court, has said the US is in danger of edging
towards dictatorship if the party's rightwingers
continue to attack the judiciary.

Interesting ... [ :: full article :: ]

Thanks allyn :)

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I bought a bar (extra large format) of Lindt dark chocolate...
I didn't pay attention to the notion that it was 85% cocoa...

I found it to be almost inedible ... it was so tart.

So I just melted it, and made brownies out of it.

Dude... just say'en... way good brownies. :)