March 13th, 2006


Monday, March 13

K, I wore my lined trench coat to work. This is a thing normally reserved for ...late April, early May. It's s'posed to go up to +9 today.
Of course, it will drop to -3,000 in a few days and then blizzard all over place and - as usual - the auto body shops will the only people dancing in the street.

I'm eating a banana at my desk... and nobody will make stupid immature jokes, that make me feel uncomfortable.
I got up today, and grabbed my white dress shirt, dark suit, a tie and got dressed.
I didn't have to evaluate the mood of the people at work when selecting my clothes.
Nor did I have to bend and twist in front of the mirror trying to decide if there were any "exposure" issues with my outfit.
I'm wearing my black dress shoes. I have one pair. I have a brown pair.
I have never had to worry about storage for my shoes.
When I get bagged at 1:30... I will go the washroom and splash cold water on my face and wipe it off with paper towel.
I won't leave a picasso on the paper towel.
Later, when a coworker comes to talk about one of my reports...
He'll be here to talk about the report... period.
When I don't get a raise this year... it'll be because some times it sucks to work for a big company.
But it wont be because I didn't smile at the right time.

... and I will do something today to make the women I work with feel good about their work, the day and their accomplishments.
Because it's just not fair.

~ blue ftls
~ it's all about the suit today... but then, it's Monday, so what else is new.
~ work work work...
~ I'm working today... but not Tuesday or Thursday, as Z and I trade off covering the March Break.
~ I hand in a proposal... if I can find my boss...
~ and I'll finish another of my "last three reports" for this contract. Today will be a good day! :D
~ tonight? We didn't watch any TV last night... so we have Grays Anatomy ... and some weeds.
~ that the mommy in ladyfire keeps wheatus out of the house. :)
~ for fortune of any and every sort to find it's way through the clouds to smile on my friend no.
~ that the many friends on my list... (i.e. gigglerz, pixiecup, sweetcharity to name just a few) that are facing big winter storms on a Monday... I wish for you the best of luck and safety as the day wears on towards night.

Birthday moments...
My little western Angie-baby... :) Happy birthday lalaland. May the day bring you little smiles and the year bring you great glorious goofy laughter. You're a light... and you shine really nice sugar. :) Keep on shining.
And Happy Birthday to Jenn! (applelard) I do very much hope that the world gives you a wonderful year as a sweet gift. May you enjoy your birthday and the love that wraps you up lil'sugar.

Canada is currently governed by a minority government formed by the "Conservative Party of Canada" and led by a guy named Steven Harper. He's a quiet man that doesn't engage well with media and ... well, people in general. His party ran a strong campaign that actually began several years ago, laying the seeds of change in Western Canada by organizing an effort to call the ruling Liberal Party of Canada on their many breeches of the public trust. One of the central themes of the election that just passed and left us with the Harper government, was one of "Federal Accountability" and a call for "good and transparent government that answers the will of the people."

So dude is a couple of months into the desk and ... he has already totally blow it all to hell and back.
He was called to task by the federal Ethics commissioner on a valid point of concern, (and when it's "ethics" related, the facts hardly matter... it's all about optics and "how people feel"... something the Conservatives have been pounding into our heads for years) and what does Stevie do? He fricking blows off the Ethics guy and basically tells him to go to hell.

(what a tool)

My older (only) brother has ... for my whole life... always managed to get me birthday or christmas gifts that I truly love, wanted, get all goofy about, etc. He's just got my number or something. We celebrated his son's birthday last night at his house... it was lovely and, in the middle of it, he gave me a gift for my recently-passed birthday... these groovy "system" shades... glasses that accept a variety of lenses... excellent for sports (i.e. skiing). I totally have been jonesing for something like these but could not settle on any, let alone shell out... and presto. :) I love that guy. :D

A close family friend... a man who I grew up knowing as one of my dads better friends... a man who's wife passed sadly, several years ago, from cancer, ... a man who's two lovely daughters were close childhood friends... he passed away this weekend. He and his extended family were all out west skiing together and he (74 years old) took a tumble that broke ribs. He, apparently wanted to ski down to the ambulance!! (but they made him ride the sled)... he passed by the time they got to the bottom of the hill. This is quite sad. Manny... may you rest in peace and thank you for the many memories on the Ottawa river.

... k... time to get to it. :D
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~ we are having a t-storm (just like ladyfire!!). :) First big rumble just happened. Tres freaky for March 13.
~ Grays Anatomy from last night... totally schmooped me out. I was, as is usually the case when I get attacked by schmoopiness, in tears.
~ I'm soooo about to go visit a long absent admiral... man oh man... :)
~ my sister is pretty cool. I should post some stuff about her and some pictures. You'd love her. (makes note to self to write stuff 'bout her)
~ we had another showing today at 5:30. Suz found out from our agent at ... 4:30. Personally... I think our agent is either remarkably unfortunate or is kinda stupid. However you slice it... I'm not impressed and she's finding this out when we have our "strategy session" next week. (and by strategy session, I mean... she'll come out and tell us we need to lower our price. I'll be saying a lot at that meeting...
~ Edward just saw a big "fork of lightening". He's very excited. :)