March 6th, 2006


Monday, March 6

TOTALLY GORGEOUS DAY... and, of course, I'm inside four off pink ugly baffles.
Suz is still home in bed...
Kids are at school...
... and the phone just rang asking for us to allow a showing... in a half an hour.


Had to refuse the showing and cancel any others that may get scheduled today.
(not good, but necessary)

~ green ftls
~ bottom half of my suit (I need to hem my new dress pants)
~ dark shirt, tie and beige sweater
~ dive into prepping new proposal for my client... My time here ends on April 1, unless I can convince them to let me do more... :)
~ work on my last two deliverables...
~ avoid people at work who are clearly sick as hell...
~ go to land and snap pics of todays accomplishments...
~ watch Battlestar tonight (it's the one with Lucy Lawless!!)
~ with all my heart, that mzbean gets good news from the ultrasound people...
~ that caroline75 gets great results... :D :D
~ that I was going with serpah on his little vacation... !!!! (maybe I can come with you next year!)
~ and for my sugar... my zebra... to start feeling better!! :)

University and on-the-job training for decades...
You become "one of the best" in your profession.
You work behind the scenes as glory is heaped on the stars of the silver screen,
You're nominated, buy a $2000 dress, party your ass off...
Show up... bursting with happiness and YOU GET THE OSCAR,
only to have your partner use all the talk time leaving you tapping a dead microphone, in front of millions ... and millions...
(It totally bet she kicked her partner in the nuts twenty seven times when they got backstage - that guy just wouldn't shut up!!)
(then it happened again, but this time to a guy who's male partner also wouldn't shut up)

I managed to get 8 right and 16 wrong... not stellar.

a) Jennifer almost tripping... was easily the high point of the night. WOW... her fricking life flashed before her eyes...
b) Dolly Parton is no longer a human...
c) That Gillyweed guy from Brokeback... didn't Harry have to eat him in The Triwizard Tournament ??
d) A movie shot in LA, about LA, staring a dozen high end stars that live in LA... voted on by a group of people from LA... exactly how could CRASH not win?
e) Sorry but that Pimp song... it totally blows. It's stupid, poorly performed, garish, ugly and ... did I mention stupid? yes, I know... I'm old.
f) Reese made me cry with her speech.

You know... those Brokeback guys... they've totally ruined any possibility of future fishing trips between buds that own Hemi's.

oh, and [ :: look :: ] ... that, to me, is pure candy.

Canadian talk radio is all a-buzzing with Afghanistan issues. Someone who counts has proposed that Parliament "discuss" the situation.
Canadians are saying "No... don't talk about it.. it will undermine the moral of the soldiers. And they are doing a good job... their families believe, as do the soldiers, that they are helping!"
Canadians are asking themselves why are our "peace keepers" under fire???

Look.... They are not "Peace Keepers". This is a battle mission in the US led war on a Noun. Sure there are multinational forces in play... and Canada is just another breeder that feeds on the US Teet so much that we tend to bend over a lot... like agreeing to send out kids to Afghanistan where they can get axes in the back of their heads. Canadian troops are not in Afghanistan as part of any United Nations mission. We're there to do battle with those that would interfere with the "reconstruction project".

I strongly disagree with this. We have no business being there.
Why is anyone there? To catch terrorists and stop them from bombing our homes?
What a complete load of crap.
The US can fall for the line that going to some godforsaken dessert and blowing up people who live in a pre-industrialized society will stop terrorism, but I thought Canadians were smarter than that... All we are doing is making ourselves targets for people who are rightly or wrongly pissed off about having their countries invaded, their resources raped, their economies controlled by foreigners and their politics manipulated by the US.

Driving to work... I turn on my cell phone... and stretch out my "ear phone / microphone" thing. I plug it into my ear and then - while driving - reach down to plug the thing into the phone... and I see a lint ball in the hole that the thing plugs into on the phone. I had almost plugged in over the lint ball... almost but not quite... however I did push it in a bit before my brain kicked in. Then in a remarkable fit of stupid, I put the cell phone to my mouth and sucked the lint ball out.
Who knew a bit of fluff no bigger than the torso of a small bug could so completely choke the living shit out of a full size human?

Okidoki... time to get back to work. :)
See ya. :D

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So I was flipping through the paper last week...
and there was this picture of a lovely young blond woman with ...
a rather remarkable physical appearance...
from a purely all-men-are-pigs point of view.

It was captioned with some comments about a
fund raiser being held somewhere about something and ...
that the woman was Christina Aguilera.

I was surprised... considering how skanky she's looked in
almost evey image I've seen of her over the last couple of years.
This is made most apparent by doing any kind of a google search
for her picture, as I momentarily tried to do, to find the specific
image from the paper, but I'm at work at the stuff that pops
when you google her name... ... well, not happening at work yo.

She didn't look all skanky, skinny... or slutty or any of the negative things in this recent image.

Bottom Line: whicked hot yo.

ok... now I'll shut up about her.
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