March 3rd, 2006


Friday, March 3

Ok... I'm feeling a little punchy today. :)
Got up and made the zooom zone out of everything and everybody... which resulted in kids packed off on time and me totally on their heels because I had ... absolutely HAD to be at work early today. (I hate being at work early!). I had my presentation with client boss first thing... and ... it went swimmingly. :)

It's a weird day. As the sun rises towards noon the temperature was to drop and drop along with wind that rises... blah blah blah ... and minus 25 is on the menu. Fun eh.

Oh, and everyone is getting sick.. Z has finally succumbed to the cold that she has been keeping at arms length for a month... Edward is acting kinda numb... prelude to a cold, I can't swallow properly and my neck is sore... (adds up to "pending cold"). So that leaves Geo to bring us all chicken soup.

There were... like, 15 agents through our house yesterday... I'm getting to the point where I'm going to demand that the our real-estate agent put the fricking area rugs back in the living and dining rooms. She had us take 'em out to "make the hardwood look prominent" and I'm thinking it just makes the space look small. "Nice hardwood... but it's too small" are the comments we're getting.

~ dk blue ftls
~ p-z jeans [ :: and ... it's friday yo. :: ] (that's the 140th friday "extra pic"... cool huh)
~ blue turtleneck and a darker blue sweater. :)
~ early to work... big presentation to clients
~ busy afternoon sorting out more new report requirements...
~ write about Survivor at some point...
~ go back to "the land" and see what they got done today. :)
~ relax tonight... definitely need to relax.
~ that dishpan_nipples has a great weekend... no reason... just 'cuz.
~ to smile at boo1... you're fortunate to have a boss you like so much.
~ and that whatilove comes back from her wee break... your journal is just wonderful sugar.

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday starlazdaze... little sugar-R. :) It's been a remarkable year for you ... and I hope the year ahead treats you to some new and wonderful moments.. :D Have a grand birthday sugar.

That story ... the Sikh and the Dagger... started five years ago in Canada, when the student's dagger FELL out of it's holster and clattered down the bleachers at a high school sporting event... (I think I have my facts straight there). Well the Supreme Bone Heads Court of Canada has overturned the ban on carrying the ceremonial daggers in high school. And you know... I understand. I mean, high school is a calming environment for kids that present themselves as different. No worries what-so-ever about an armed teenage boy from a visible minority being challenged by the intolerance and stress... And AND we all know that sihks never do drugs or alcohol so there will never be a time when he loses any of his remarkable mental control when faced with the non-existant intolerance. It's only a four inch dagger... it's not like it's a sword or something. And there's no worries of another kid getting it from him and using it for evil purposes... the sihk boys know to keep it safe... like when it's clattering down the bleachers at a sporting event.

I have to say... I like Survivor because the dynamic is always challenging and the people are such flip charts... but I love Amazing Race. It offers soooo much more with the locations, the interactions with locals, and the entire concept of a race. I'd so love to have the change to "do" amazing race with Z. That would be fun. :)

Ok... time to go. :)
Have a wonderful Friday. :D :D
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the hand

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ok... today has to be over.

With each passing hour
a little more of me
slips away.

Replaced with a growly tummy,
a scratchy throat,
I'm ... just uck.

Z's home with a fever
boys are gonna be all coughing and arguing.

Just say'en... tonight is not gonna be stellar.

I want to not get sick... sicker...
Can we arrange that?

k. :)
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Survivor XII Update!!

Survivor XII: Exile Island!!

50 lbs of Sushi

Where in... a reward game finally loads them down with food, Bobbie goes all East LA on Earth mama, and eager eaters get beaned... but good. Oh, and Shane is a complete head case. I'm thinking there’s a Nurse Ratchet out there somewhere looking for this flip chart.

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