March 2nd, 2006


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Absolutely mental day.

Got almost everything done... but had to re-sched the car emissions test (aka government tax grab).

Finished the house colour selection process... tiles, paint, hardware, doors, floors, wowza.
Took new pics and new video... but I wont get that stuff up till tomorrow. Framing will be starting wery wery soon. :)
Met with an appliance dude and ... reviewed new appliance issues.
but mostly... and all freaking night... I've been nose to laptop at the kitchen table getting a report ready for tomorrow.

Me = very very very burned out.

Need sleep. :)

ni ni.

Thursday, March 2

Agent day.
Just say'en... you can't imagine how stressful this house stuff is!!!
I got a call from the builders... they're framing today. I'm heading there after work!!:)

I got to work today... to find a network fuckup was keeping me from logging in.
I couldn't log in until 11:30. That would be exactly when I found out the meeting I have BEEN FREAKING OUT ABOUT all week... the meeting I am ready for... the "presentation to the clients" meeting... the meeting at 11:30... was rescheduled to 9:00 am.

Try to imagine how fricking frustrated I am...

Now it's "eat lunch" and go. I have to do another meeting like this ... for another client. Hopefully that one is still at 1:00.

~ It's another suit day... Two suit days in one week... is a bit of a drag. :)
~ well... "stressing" would describe it well.
~ watch Survivor tonight...
~ that arlyn gets either good news... or better real fast. :)
~ to send big congrats out to wbahner... outstanding news dude.
~ that my friend, darkbay manages to stay patient and grounded. :)
~ and many wishes for some good fortune as issues are resolved for harleydog

I just don't get it.
How long does a religion have to be around before it's a real religion?
What about "traditions" within that religion.
What if I started the Church of Corto and the sacred relic of this faith was the double bladed Long Axe?
I mean... it's an article of faith with the Church of Corto that all mature members of this faith carry the sacred AXE at all times.
And yeah, members are "mature" at 13. So... all my faithful church goers... are required to carry their double bladed Long Axe to school.
Any interference with that... and I'm screaming Religious intolerance.

The school my children attend wont even let them bring big blue plastic fake looking swords to school on Halloween.
But the sikh kids are supposed to carry a dagger?
This is the most ridiculous argument in the universe.

Safety trumps religious freedom.

The supreme court of Canada is supposed to hand down a ruling on this stupid issue today.
I'll be mightily pissed off is they support this stupid dagger shit.
Edit: I'm mightily pissed off!! [ :: read this :: ]

Who's say's Canada is soft on crime.
Check out this link a coworker sent to me;
"CRA" is Canada's Tax Department.

tomorrows Friday?
~ get's an idea.

k. See ya.

Amazing Race 9 Update!!

Amazing Race 9 Update!!</h2>

Holy Blind Old People!

And they're off... and running in "Amazing Race - The Stereotype Edition". We got 'em all baby... hoes, nerds, fags, plastic, the black couple... oh, and we got Charo!! ("Charo"... what would have happened if Cher had been born in Mexico).

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Ok... the groovy new "we got walls" video update is up at [ :: Casa de Corto Web :: ]

(Really great video on there for March 2. :D - today!!!)

The site... with the first walls!!!

The 4x4 will be 12x12 and is like marble... that's the wall of the giant shower in the ensuite...
The little 2x2... will be 2x2 and that's the floor of the shower... more of a matte finish for the floor.

And this is the tile that will be through the kitchen and eating area... :)