February 28th, 2006


Tueday, February 28

first of all... I was unable to post [ :: this monday picture :: ] because it made my stomach turn...
and yet, I'm good to go with todays.
Clearly, I am nothing but class.

Another bazzingly cold day... with loads of sunshine and squeaky snow. brrr.

you know... not all deep-fried-fat-rolled-in-sugar-with-apple's (~ aka: apple fritter's) are created equally.
I just now finished a truly wonderful example of how good one can be if you are generous with the apple bits etc.
... and note: I have yogurt, carrot sticks, and pita bread for my snacks for the rest of the day... so I'm not all "pig". :)

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ gray t hiding under a big brown, warm, comfy, turtleneck.
~ edit-for-idiot* my report (I finished client number 1's main report yesterday)
~ work on my client number 2's report...
~ drink lots of coffee...
~ and WATCH AMAZING RACE TONIGHT. *** ding ding ding... attention attention ... race fans.
~ to just send some good vibes out to spurbaby, who knows just how unfair life is.
~ for the house of the pixiecup aka. YoguQueenBee (YQB for short) to be a house of better health... poor little sick guys...
~ to send big hugs... big hugs to lynspin and to say that I hope all is well little sugar.
~ and she's likely already on a plane, but bon voyage to mentalconundrum ... :D be safe sugar.
* edit-for-idiot: proof read and change stuff that looks too complicated.

Birthday moments...
K, first and foremost... a belated (one day!!! only one day!) Happy Birthday out to my little Alma Shuga... (alma_perdida). Life has changed a lot for you in the last year... home life, parent stuff, work stuff and most important of all... partner stuff. I don't know where you're at with all that... but I'm wagering it's all good except for the last bit. May the year ahead bring you great accomplishment... self confidence, and good fortune in the rough games your heart plays with you. You are my forever girl... :) Be well little Alma... :) ps. When you're... bursting happy... and you smile that big smile... sigh... girl... it's heart stoppingly beautiful. :)

Now... what is with you guys?
There are three February 29 girls in this story.
What do you do? I forget? the 28th or the 1st?
I'm sticking with the 28th for fun. :)
So happy birthday auntyadele, thatthingido, and chicken_kisses! You're all ...what? four or five now? I mean... every four years? ar ar ar...
Dearest Adele... I know you have faced remarkable challenges in the last year and it is my one wish for you to have a year of peace and tranquility in your home with your lovely family. Happy Birthday sugar and thank you for your friendship...
Hola Dolphin Girl... (and I bet there's a cool superhero singlesuit out there somewhere for "Dolphin Girl")... Happy birthday sugar-red... May the year ahead bring you all kinds of happy... opportunity, and reasons to come to Ottawa. :)
And Happy Birthday Jacqui... (chicken_kisses)!!! Now that you're all grown up... I hope you have a blast this year... and stay healthy, happy and safe little sugar. :)

Saw the Jimmy Choo lady on Oprah... holy silver spoon life...
... and on a related note: I was in the elevator a minute ago... coming back to my cubicle with my deep-fried-fat-rolled-in-sugar-with-apple... and notice the freaking shoes on the girl beside me... she had a pair of those honking long toed dress shoes. Likely expensive, all colourful patches of fabric and glitter extending INTO THE LONG ASS TOE THING... that some womens shoes do of late. You know the type... they look like... if she kicked you in the ass... it would be like getting a colon stabbing. Anyways... I think I've figured out why they make those goofy shoes. All that money... all that work in the shoe... and... you can't see it under the "just so" length of pants. However, if you make the toe freakishly long... well then... you get to see some of the shoe. ? works for me.

We have a showing on Thursday... it's actually not a showing but an "agent open day" thing... not an open house, but close. Same issue for us... MAD CLEANING on Wednesday night. I got a major head start last night. Now to just pop the kids in a couple of bags until thursday night...

K. huge busy... gotta git.
:D Have a great Pancake Tuesday. :)

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coworker dude... just slammed a box... A FULL BOX of Krispy Kreme honey glazed donuts down on the table... opened it up... AND WALKED AWAY.

I can now say I have seen pure evil.

Dude is gonna have Milla Jovovich on his ass for this...
I mean... she fights evil right?

(see... I had my deep fried fat already... and carrots are supposed to be next... ahhhhh)


Oh look... a donut...

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when were the google earth satelite images shot?

anyone know? I'm talking month and year... (and it would have to be between, say... april and october and likely within the last four years...

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Sorry... I know ... Posty McPostalot...

and I know I've already ragged on fashion (the shoes)...

but can I just... you know ... toss a little more out there?

That "pants flair just below the knee and wear almost knee high leather boots with" look...
could only make you look more stupid if you wore boots with looooong pointy toes.