February 24th, 2006


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things about today...

~ getting a lot done... and still having loads to do... gets to buggen you after a while. !
~ got a solid round of I hate you from Inego Montoya... but sticking to your "consequences" thing ... lands there sometimes.
~ we were laughing through bedtimes read of Umbridge vileness in OTP... hate is so transitional when your eight.
~ when Ed got home from school, I zoomed with him over to a local hardware store that was all "door crasher" with paderno cookware... I'm talking a 30" premiere fry pan for 27$ (canadian, even). yeah. :)
~ survivor was fun.
~ knowing I'm procrastinating on my taxes... not so much fun.

... and then it was bedtime.
I've been crawling through "otherland - bk 1" (tad williams) for... over a year. It's my "last moments before sleep" book.
Maybe I'll get through more than four pages before going cross eyed. :)

and when you wake
I will be waiting
always hungry

Friday, February 24

Oh how I love my cordless mouse...

Seriously cold today. Low temps, and a big wind... it's just ick. Sunny like mad... but brrrr!

A bus coming back from the ski hill that the kids were at yesterday... drove off the highway and sent fourteen kids to the hospital. Fortunately, none were injured seriously and ... it wasn't from the kids school. Imagine all the instant-aging that those kids parents did on their way to the hospitals? gah!!

~ blue stripee ftls
~ point zero jeans (the p-z jeans) [ :: and, despite my lack of an actual ass... I love these jeans. :: ]
~ blue turtleneck
~ dk gray sweater.
~ crazy freakshow of a day
~ up in time to see z light out of the house...
~ get the boys fed and drive 'em to school... Geo has to carry his ski boots, etc... so ... drive 'em.
~ arranged for my mom to get the boys after school...
~ arranged for my nephew to be at our house to babysit the boys tonight...
~ work all day - ack... time sheet day - and tonight?
~ go to the "Champaign on Ice" galla at the Scotiabank Place.... late night in a shirt and tie.
~ write about Survivor... at some distant point in time.
~ to send out some support for lunaobrien... and I think it is remarkably arrogant to do anything but support you on this.
~ like mad that my friend talashandy would catch a break. Like... any day. mk?
~ to point out - again - that whatilove's journal is a wonderful... amazing... journey through images. Thank you sugar.
~ that friends and lovers of little mspish... sneak up on her and attack her with random smooches all day.
~ and to squeeeze a little sugar into ewtikins... because it's a good day to squeeze an Ewt.

Birthday moment...
Darling Pook... :) Happy birthday little pookfreak. You're such a good friend... sigh. I sincerely wish for your birthday to bring you much joy and the year ahead to hold you gently in arms that care and comfort. :) Be healthy, happy and wise dear pook.

What kind of crazy shit has to be going on in the US for South Dakota to be passing a law banning all but the most dire consequence abortions. "We studied data that wasn't available thirty years ago... trying to decide if abortions have been good for America. We have testimonials from thousands of women... blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah..." (the dude behind the South Dakota legislation on the radio last night).

I'm almost speechless. You know... I will be happy to accept information that contradicts this opinion but, from what I've read, and witnessed, the overwhelming majority of Pro-Lifers out there are people that are NOT living at the poverty line, but are rather pontificating from their lofty homes, thumping their decorative leather bibles and stomping around in comfortable... but expensive shoes. And what's worse... is when their daughters get preggers... they just go in for a quick D&C and nobody says shit.

A right to life group was lobbying hard, just the other day, to have legislation passed forcing the medical community to administer an anesthetic to the fetus prior to aborting... This was turned back, after the medical community presented data outlining the simple fact that there is no capacity to process data related to pain, let alone relief from it, in an abortional zone fetus.

The bottom line still seems to be that the people that run things in the states are seriously hung up on telling other people how to live. If it's not some middle eastern dude wondering WT all these white guys are doing killing people on the streets of his city... it's some woman being attacked by groups the figure they have the only line on morality.

Welcome to World War III.
Do you think... as they fought in the trenches across Europe... the reporters and historians were calling it The First World War?
um... NO. It only became the "first world war" when there was a "second" one to contend with.
They didn't call WWII ... WWII until well after the hostilities had ended.
Look around.
Things have not improved ... anywhere.
The poorly played game of foreign relations that the US has been playing... has led the world to war.
Blame the brown man if you want... but history will explain all this to the head-in-sand-crew that still thinks America is going to make things "all better" in Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere.

So Gord Oconner is the National Defense Minister in Canada, under the new Stephen Harper government. He (Oconner) is local... he was elected in our riding. (sigh). He's already announced a redoubling of Canadas recruitment to build up a larger army. Oh boy.
Stevie... also announced that the billions of dollars dedicated to child care and day care by the last government is back in the pot

k... see ya. :)
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Email signatures:

I am surrounded by people who write fricking books below their name...
And, layer on the need to do everything in french and english... and presto...
A two line email message arrives with 25 other lines of text describing every possible detail of the guy who sent it.
i.e. name, job title, street address including city, province... and because someone may not realize... the COUNTRY, and all phone numbers, black berry address, email address... lather, rinse, repeat... except in French.

Note to universe: nobody cares... and including the country... is like giving your granny a clock that displays the year... Believe me... grans will be insulted.