February 23rd, 2006


Thursday, February 23

To shave ... or not to shave.
I think... no. :)

I slept like a rock last night...

So today is Z's day to "go with" on the school ski day.
and I'm all about knuckling under with a report. :)

It's mild today... expecting +2. I hope the skiing is good. :D

We watched an epi of Invasion from the PVR... the one with the partially formed Dave. Dude... the main guy? He is wwwway too reluctant a hero. Get on board or find someone that will... Of course, I'll keep watching despite wanting to throttle the lead guy... what ever his name is. :)

~ green ftls
~ jeans
~ gray t... :)
~ cleaning...
~ working on my final report for my "other client". :)
~ making a nice dinner
~ Survivor tonight. :)
~ that lunches are going well for darkbay
~ and that mzbean remembers her family needs her well, first. Other things come second.
~ for a "no scratch" report to reach modernarchetype
~ to congratulate mentalconundrum... :) (vrooooom!)
~ and wishing all kinds of good luck to giggly_girl...

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday sugar-sass... (lil_sass). It's been a year worth tucking away... ! So tuck away! and I hope the year ahead brings you much needed relief from life's stresses and treats you, instead, to some lucky breaks, good health, and fine fortune. :) Have a wonderful birthday!!

The world just wont stop slamming us with the most ridiculous news ... ever!
"Heathen bastach!!! I blow up your mosque... ha!"
"Ack! Vile Creature... then I blow up a whole bunch of your mosques! ... ha!"
... 2 years later ...
Haliburton... the World Leader in Mosque construction. :)

Of course, the real tragedy is that Iraq is making news as if they are on the brink of a civil war.
Um... Just say'en... besides some bombs... they (the Suni's and Shiite's) can't afford one guys.
No, the bottom line is things suck so badly for and in Iraq ... the American position becomes more untenable on a daily basis.
Maybe if they beat the feet of some of those Iraqi's they have in Jail... hmm?

Look... America imports more Oil from Canada than from anywhere else in the world... more than everywhere else in the world rolled up together.
You don't fricking need Iraqi Oil or to have permanent war Base in the middle east... let them do whatever the hell they want to one another and ... stop mucking about with the crazy people!

After working soooo hard to convince America (and anyone else that's listening) that the Middle East is exactly 11 inches from the Devils Country Cottage... how can they (the Bush Admin) not think the headline "American Ports to be sold to Arabs" would drive everyone nutters?
Don't get me wrong... complaining about this Dubai thing is pure-stupid-ignorant-Fox-News-Watching-intolerance speaking.
The ports are already owned by foreign corporations and there is no flipping reason what-so-ever to worry about this UAE thing and the ports.
America didn't sell some foreign company anything other than the right to MAKE VAST WAREHOUSES OF MONEY off the shipping business in America.
Security, policy, etc... is all gonna be run as it has been... by clowns and unions.

Chandra Crawford... you absolutely rock.!!!

k... time for busy. :)
see ya.