February 20th, 2006


the updater post. :)

A weekend picture round up... :)
House update and ... stuff.

Hardwood connecting to tile samples destined for our front hall area.

Our kitchen, back hall, powder room, ensuite, and main bath are all here somewhere...
Oh, no, not the floor in our ensuite... that's a special type of tile... not in the pic. :)

We have our power and gas junction... (and there's a new vid at the [ :: house web site :: ])

And we had a family thing at my folks house... for some strange reason.

There was laughter and merry making! :)

... and my hottie bought an outfit for the "ball". :D

... and how cool is this mirror shot? :D

now it's time for sleep. :)
See ya tomorrow.

Monday, February 20.

Again with freaky cold thing... grrr.
This is "ski week"... meaning... Geo's grade five class goes to a local ski resort wed, thur, and fri... lessons and skiing with buddies and all that jazz. :)
I've volunteered for Wednesday, Suz on thursday and neither of us on Friday (Friday is "Champaign on Ice" day... busy day).
This schedule competes with our "house colour choices" schedule and the builders just tried to give me a guilt trip about needing another week.
That trip was short.
I never hesitate to remind people I'm giving vast sums of money to that calling me sir and not giving me a guilt trip is ... a really really good idea. :)

It's all about sunshine today... but I heard something about snow coming.

oh, and we had a really good morning. No hassles, no arguing... kids made their bus on time and ... I got to work on time. :)
I like days that start like that.

~ green ftls
~ tommy white
~ and z'suit.
~ oh, and the mickey tie. :)
~ procrastination nation must begone!!! Tonnes (canadian spelling) to do and only five weeks to do it!
~ relax tonight... and (gasp)... try to go to bed early... earlier... er... well, ... it could happen.
~ mentalconundrum good luck with the nano case zone...
~ that the upcoming move ... goes well for notcharming
~ for some quick healing to wrap around fireflieslie's mom...
~ and to send a few good vibes out to tyketto... just 'cuz. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Deb... Today is nordicgrrl's birthday... and even though she only sneaks in here occasionally... my hopes for her world happen every day. She's one of my early years friends here in lj and I love her to pieces. :) The story of her falling in love with her hubby ... still and will forever warm my heart. :) May you have a wonderful celebration today ... and I hope the year ahead treats you like a queen. :)

Ok... rescue rescue... call out the national guard or whatever it is that they do when remote villages in remote countries on remote islands are buried in mud. Do you realize the public school was hosting a "National Womens Day" celebration, so all the children were there with their moms? Buried completely.
So, yeah... get busy... do your thing. But when you're done...
Let's talk about who did all the logging on the mountain above this village.
Was it a multinational? Was it local? Was it the government in that remote country ...????
Because you can talk about days and days of rain all you want... but the only reason that village was buried in mud was because some money grubbing rat bastards cut all the trees down on the mountain above them.
So while we spend millions and millions on rescuing them... some other mountain is being clear cut.
What do you say some of that money be used to pay hit men to take out some dudes with chain saws?

I gotta say... this kind of problem... "mud slide wipes out village" only exists because the people in charge are absolutely corrupt and remarkably stupid.

Gray's Anatomy.
Do you ever find yourself assessing the episode half way through and saying "I wonder which one will be the one that dies tonight?"
And I still want to know what happened to dudes VD and why nobody is worried about steaming-hot-blondie getting the clap?

[ :: monkey sphere :: ] My friend... the monkey... turned me on to this. You should read it.

K... see ya. :)
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presidents day? what the hell is presidents day?
~ I mean, I can understand "Secretary Day"... but dude... it's not like the "leader of the free world" is underappreciated and needs a day set aside for his coworkers to bring him muffins and stuff.

when is vice-presidents day? or does he only get a lunch break?
vice presidents lunch break!
Which, by the way, is plenty of time for him to shoot a few folks.

oh, and speaking of vice-presidents...
Stewart, doing the batman'esque The Penguin "qua qua qua" thing when he immitates Chennie, is priceless.