February 19th, 2006


Sunday, February 19

We're going to the "champaign on ice" gala again this year...
It's a fund raiser at the Scotiabank Place (formerly the Corel Center, pre-formally "The Palladium" - all of which are "home of the Ottawa Senators" - NHL).
Big fancy spancy dinner, with celeb servers... an auction... dancing... and then champaign and skating in ball gowns and suits on the Sen's ice. :)

Why am I telling you this?
Suz hasn't got an outfit yet.
~ I s'pose you have to be a girl to grok the angst.
She's going shopping today. :)

It's about 87,000 degrees below zero outside... molecular structures are breaking down and I think the sun went out.
~ I'm hoping my honda still starts. :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ mid century old blue jeans
~ a big waffle for a shirt... er, a shirt with waffly-like pocks? what?
~ clean clean clean clean...
~ showing at 1:00
~ kids with me to theater at 12:30.
~ groceries later...
~ and ... otherwise... dunno?
~ that aristophren can find the advil this morning...
~ for kimberly27616 to find her towel... (figurative thing, from Hitchhikers Guide)
~ that redragon... decides to stay and play for a while... :)
~ to send some positive karma like vibes out to kaylee...
~ and to send some of that karma over to barefoot_dyke too...

Can you believe that they are still raging away, burn'inate'ing and killing... over those stupid cartoons.
Can you say "looooooooooooooooooooosers".

Now... the trouble is... who is the loser? Denmark? Average Muslims who abhor the behaviour they're witnessing? Furry Freak Muslims that are doing the burn'inating?
Or ... all of them?

"Own the Podium" eh?
How canadian.

Thank you for the many and kind birthday wishes yesterday.
It's a big deal in the land of me to have all this contact. :)
Big happy corto land... :D