February 14th, 2006


Tuesday, February 14

Oh man...
So the little guy (Geo) had a really rough night... his breathing settled, and his cough succumbed to sleep.
But no school for him today... (which is a drag... considering all the time he spent on valentine cards for his classmates!)

It's all snowy and calm outside... so big fat fluffy snow cookies are falling like those little seed-propellers from what-ever tree drops them.
It looks nice. :)
~ black ftls
~ new p-z jeans
~ brown turtleneck
~ off to builders offices to meet with the designer and set about part one of the two part colour picking extravaganza...
~ read more stuff for work
~ relax
~ enjoy the night.
~ the best of luck to allyn and his Rivet... on tonights climbing adventure...
~ to smile at meeshsmind and nod... Congrats sugar.
~ and for today to get better again for macdatty!!

Happy fake holiday Valentines Day. :)
I know we're all sheep... and they (the evil empire "they") can tell us to buy things we don't need on a day that does more to fabricate unhappiness and depression than it does to create good will. The radio advertisements... especially the "station made" ones... all talk about this wonderful day and pepper that "wonder" with sexual references like mad. I've lived a full life yo... and I have never scored on Valentines... at least not in any way that I couldn't have scored on any other day of the month. I'm not jaded... I'm just not a big fan of holidays brought-to-you-by-Hallmark. :)

That being said...
I also know that everybody hurts.
Maybe not right now.
Or maybe not for very long.
But everybody hurts.
And there is not one thing wrong in the
whole wide world with setting aside a day
to spend finding worth while ways to tell
someone you love them.

Love ... is powerful magic.
It comes in many flavours, different colours.
But no matter how it's meant,
Or why it's said,
Under all the layers of emotion,
Love has a very special, but quiet goal...
... to take away some of the hurt.
Everybody hurts.
... and I love you.

So the wake up zone was off kilter today... I knew I wasn't going to work... with the builder meeting scheduled at 9:30..
But Geo needed caring for and Ed ended up being driven to school... mostly because I refused to wake up. :D
After getting geo my moms... we headed off to pick things. :)exterior stone colour.
Interior flooring tiles in front hall, kitchen, hardwood,
Cabinats, style, stain, hardware and wood...
More tile for bathrooms...
... and then we exploded.
We go again for the rest of it...next Tuesday.
(pictures later)

Now we're home... with Geo in major sick-boy mode with a sore tummy, headache, sore throat.
Ah yes... the joys of parenthood.


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Florida Question:

My folks are going to be in Orlando for four weeks...
... and will be renting a car for the four weeks (25/02 - 25/03).

So I'm wondering if anyone knows of a better deal
than 636 (before taxes) at the Orlando Int'l Airport.