February 13th, 2006


Monday, February 13

Wake up in pre-dawn darkness... roll around... struggle with the morning wood to get rid of the seventy six gallons of coffee that yesterday seemed to be what yesterday was all about... and proceed to... well, just end up behind in timing all through the morning routine. When I opened the door to usher the boys out to catch their school bus.... it went zoooming by. sigh.

It's bazingly cold outside... so I warmed up my little honda and drove them to school and me to work and now?
I'm stuck in my slightly-off-maroon cubicle for the next many hours.

Oh... and I wanna see those girls (an American and a Canadian) wiping out on the womens downhill... I'm sure the crashes are horrific, but I still wanna see them!

~ blue ftls
~ screaming white tommy shirt... ironed up good ! :D
~ charcoal black suit.
~ drive the kids to school... because we just didn't have it together this morning.
~ to put the little monkeys to bed at 8:30 tonight... no flipping question about it!!! grrrrr!
~ baby shower for a coworker at 12:00...
~ big meet'en at 1:00
~ try to make headway on my four... FOUR... freaking four? major projects at work... sigh... I have less than two months ... kill me now.
~ watch Grays Anatomy tonight... :D
~ for amythyst to feel even a little bit better...
~ that moxielass gets those giant feet to stop wrecking shoes...
~ to just smile over at the happy schmappy girl... kaylee
~ that big decisions come with big rewards for heatherbel
~ and I hope duhneese manages to feel a wee bit better ... :D

Birthday moment...
I missed ackies yesterday... totally my fault... :D Happy Birthday sugar bits... I hope you enjoyed the day... and may the year ahead bring you all kinds of fun. :D
And today? well happy birthday diecheerleader except... well I think you're gone... so ... where ever you are... enjoy the day!

You know... it's not a question of qualifications for the positions...
And it's not a "bring down the government" thing either.
However... the facts are not complicated and the real issues should be brought out to the light of day.
The Conservatives, led by Harper, campaigned on a platform of change.
"Change" the evil way the liberals have governed.
"Change" the rules to make government more accountable (not that any one actually knows what that means)
So... when Harpie gets in the office... job one, apparently, is to ask everybody to close their eyes for a minute because he needs to "be just like the other guys" for a quick moment.
He convinces Emmerson - a liberal who campaigned on the "Conservatives are Evil" platform and won - to cross the floor and join the evil doers.
He's way qualified... sure.
It's a good move... sure.
But it's no different.
It doesn't matter what the details are (i.e. "Oh, well Belinda didn't know anything..." etc.).
All that matters - as is true in all things political - is what message an action sends.
But wait... lets not stop there.
Fortier wasn't even running in an election... he's "just some guy" ... and Harpie appoints him to the senate (he's set for life now) and gives him a cabinat position.
Sure it's all for great reasons... but the bottom line is, once again... "exactly how are you being different from the last guys?"

It all reminds me of the punchline to one of my favorite jokes, which goes something like "... we already know what kind of girl you are... we're just negotiating now."

five days... sigh.

K... gotta jet. :D
See ya.
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I am simply not cut out to watch people unwrap prezzies. I can't do it without fidgeting and ... truth be told... imagining all the things I could say to hurry the process along. God save me from the moments when I watch someone unwrapping a christmas prezzi and trying to "save the paper". I have actually carved an exacto blade across a gift ... just to ensure there would be none of this "ohhhh nice paper... I'll just open this at 1 mile per hour and save the lovely paper". I'm very patient with other things... really... just not watching people unwrap things.