February 12th, 2006


Sunday, February 12

Ok, it's official... I checked with the European Space Agency...
You can see this pimple from space!
It actually starts to hurt when an object moves past me... anything within 15 feet. And you don't wanna know what happens
when I forget what it is that hurts so much and *gasp*... reach up and touch it.

We had a nice family "dinner and movie" thing last night... we - well, some members of our family, wanted to Go To The Movies, but it would be wrong to take Edward anywhere. He's still sick but we're gunning for Monday at school... so cross your fingers.
But ... we watched the movie "Millions".

Having trouble finding good family fair with a few laughs, nothing exploding with body parts flinging about or men demoralizing women, or women swearing like their brittney? Pick up Millions and watch it with your youngsters. It's funny... but it's a dramatic movie with a wonderful story to tell. :)

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans
~ maroon gap shirt and a sweat shirt that will officially not fit me if I gain... 2 oz's
~ watch more Olympics... :D
~ take Geo to a toboggan hill (and no, I wont be tobogganing... sigh)
~ read something for work...
~ work on a web site update...
~ watch Battlestar
~ cook...
~ clean...
~ (edit) and go to folks house for dinner... :D :D
~ and pray for someone to buy this house!
~ that harleydog ... doesn't over-do it... :)
~ to send a comfy kinda wave over to katy_kate and a smile...
~ and a big wish for auntyadele's wee baby girl to get over her fever ... immediately. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday oh vanished and distant simplyred. If anybody knows what happened to her... it would be a real kindness to write and let me know... cortitto@gmail.com. Where ever you are Red... I hope you're walking between the raindrops.
Happy Birthday daddy-o!!! circlek, aka, new daddy, is just a little bit older today. :D Have a wonderful birthday Jerry and I hope the year ahead gives you wonderful memories ... that last a lifetime.
Dearest Kirst... er...itsmissingpiece... she of the many and varying names... May you have a wonderful birthday and a grand year ahead. You are more than you guess, and a beautiful, insightful and lovely young woman... I hope that you and your little angel make all kinds of fun for yourselves this birthday. :)
... and tassy... I hope work is working out... I hope love is strong and I hope you have smiles tucked in every pocket. Happy Birthday dear Tasia and I hope you have a wonderful year.

WIERDNESS... from the x-files...
Geo and I are sitting her... he's working on Suz's computer playing neo-pets, and I'm... doing this.
And all of a sudden... there is a POP noise as loud as a big balloon popping right beside your head.
Loud POP and then a very eerie sizzling noise.
I snapped towards the sound but ... there was nothing there.
It came from Suz's mouse.
Honestly... if I hadn't read an article in Pop-Science on this subject, like... a week ago
I would not have realized what it was before damage was done!!!
I grabbed the mouse out of geo's hands (wireless mouse, part of a wireless keyboard and mouse "combo"), a metal ruler, and popped the back of the mouse off without flipping it over, and then used the ruler to pop the batteries out... one of which was ooozing (fast ooze... no spray, but definitely getting everywhere) this milky white stuff. I managed to clean off the guk from the mouse, etc and everything seems fine.
But dude... If I hadn't got at it quick... that mouse would have been toast.

Canada has this thing going on, in their run up to the Olympics, ... "Own the Podium" ... with this big talk about winning a zillion medals and being all "special".
I just don't get it.
I realize we spend a vast fortune on Amateur (har har har) sport in Canada but we're NEVER going to spend like the US does...
And everybody talks as though money equals medals. I mean... ok, sure... more money means better prepared athletes...
But talk about setting yourself up for failure.
If Canada wins a handful of medals in various winter events, I'll be well pleased and proud. I'll want to debate the wisdom of spending so much on amateur sport when there are social programs going unfunded in our cities but that's another story. I'm just not all "captain understanding" about the "drive to win everything".
Oh, and the colour commentators are really kinda dorky.
However... the pairs skating for Germany yesterday... sweet mercy... :D

K... time to fold some clothes.


We made a house visit today with my SIL.
We're looking at all the other homes this builder has completed and trying to decide about stone colour, root tile colour and various other exterior colours... ahhhhh!

A couple of vids shot today...
They're still in wmv format... but I'm working on a plan to put quicktimes on the web page. :D ... promise.

[ :: A front-door video (3mg) :: ] (this will be way fun to compare to the same video pan-pan... after things are finished. :D)
[ :: basement layout video (5mg) :: ] (and this is just fun footage of the basement )