February 9th, 2006


Thursday, February 9

Holy crap... is it ever cold out!!! Minus 17 with no wind. So... um... don't get windy mmk?

Had a bit of a scare last night with Ed... I got home from work, piled him and Geo in the car and we went to Mc.Death for dinner while the house showing was going on, intending to do Fencing after. By the time dinner was done... so was Ed. We went to Fencing and Geo had a smashing good time, but Edward sat with me and just chilled. Then early to bed... but at around midnight, he totally woke up crying and grabbing his forehead. Headache... but he doesn't understand. I'm hoping it's a sinus headache ... only because I can understand that and see how it will be resolved. But head aches with little people... scare me a wee bit. So suz is home this morning and I'm going home at lunch with some work while she goes into her office.


oh, and another showing tomorrow at noon.
double sigh.

~ black stripee ftls
~ black cargos
~ black turtleneck
~ big, warm, beige sweater.
~ a couple of letters to editors.. :)
~ work work work
~ home at lunch... take care of Edward
~ watch SURVIVOR tonight.
~ my little Edward felt 100%
~ my house sells... in fact... a bidding war would be nice... bwaahahahahahahaha...
~ I could bottle theartofgirl and sprinkle her on my life every day... Some people are just way good for your karma. :)
~ to smile over at mindcrime... :D
~ buckets of mental mojo to mspish ... and a few squeezes too... but that last bit is'cuz I like you so much. :)
~ and a karma explosion over kimmellee... a big messy one.

I wish so much that the universe would bend... just a little... and give a little to pixie_pistol
She is the wife of a journal friend that passed away in an accident a couple of days ago.
She's busy... trying to keep all the balls in the air... keeping her head above water.
Send her your good thoughts. She could sure use a break.
~ hugs Bethena for a little while...

I didn't watch the Grammies... but I saw a bunch of pictures in the paper today.
Please tell me I'm not alone in noting that Madonna ... needs a fricking image makeover.
Old, skanky Hoe looking for a few fast five-dalla tricks... is just not working for her.

I am honestly getting really excited about the Olympics.
I freely admit... (don't hate me) that I absolutely love-to-pieces watching womens figure skating... short and long. Just love that.
I've never seen snowboarding on television and I'd love to!!! (is snowboard - relay in the Olympics? or is it still a "demonstration")
And... curling is not a sport. It's a pass time. Like Golf. Rule of Thumb... if you can smoke while doing your "sport"... it's not a sport.
... I wonder if they'll have a parade of Muhammad Charicatures in the Opening Ceremonies? (lol)

K... time to zoom. :) See ya.
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Question: Geeky question about macromedia flash, and putting swf files in a web page...

Anyone know 'bout this stuff?
So... last night I decided I wanted to learn how to do flash...
I'm struggling with making the time line layer deal do my evil bidding ... but I'll sort that out.

I then turn to the notion of plugging the "swf" files into my web pages and end up at a web site with a "generator" on it.
[ :: Kirupa HTML Code to View Flash :: ]

I use it to make the code below and presto, the little swf file shows in the web page.

Now... my question is;

Should I be doing this?
I always sorta mistrust free code generators... I mean, is this the right way to get flash files into my web page?

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