February 1st, 2006


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Advice for Journalers.

Every single time you click into someone's post to leave a comment, you are rolling the dice.
If you hit a six, then you will - no two ways around it - lose your post, after you click send and see some message from the server about it being busy doing things besides recording your comment. Sure... you can do the "back arrow" and sometimes that saves your tingling, frustrated ass... but when it goes "back" to a blank post-a-comment screen... well you're seeing red man... and that's your six.
I mean... this is only an issue when you're typing your little fingers off in some long reply... not the "yes / no" stuff...

So the advice...

There is a three to six second delay at the best of times after you click send.
I use that time.
Every single time I click send on a comment, I immediately right click on the text area, pick "select all", right click a second time and pick "copy".

... always.

Wednesday, February 1

Yeah, so I was clicking away last night... looked down at the time on my computer and my first thought was "wow, how can the time be so wrong on my computer?"
sigh. It wasn't wrong.
Yawwwwwwnnnnnn ...

I put big big b/w photographs of the blue prints up on the house web last night. I'll replace them with scans when I get them scanned... promise. :)

Today is just flipping amazing... brilliant sunshine... mild temps and ... kind of a "soaring heart" thing with the corto (3rd person talk will stop immediately... I just needed to get that out).

hey... can Mac people watch windows media video (wmv) files? or do they need to install this and that and tweek out etc... or is it easy... etc.????

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ maroon gap t and a warm brown turtleneck sweater. :)
~ significantly less hair... not that ANYBODY noticed in my house... (no really!... sheesh)
~ to take my "don't flip out" pill... to keep a company work thing from making me... well, ... flip out! (crazy stuff going on back at the Mother Ship - out of the blue)
~ meetings at 11:00, 1:00 and 3:00.
~ it's Feb ... two months to go on this gig... so I need to do a little "time mapping" to make sure I'll finish on time.
~ BIG EXCITEMENT after dinner... taking the boys to their FIRST FENCING LESSON. And to think... [ :: Edward Montoya :: ]
~ LOST? Is it new tonight?
~ big big wishes for lindalee_ to make today her bitch and get exactly what she wants!!!
~ that kimberly27616 finds the man-manual she needs... and when you find it... get me the authors name so I can ask them about the woman manual please.
~ to send all kinds of mommy-power to cynica... !!!
~ and that aristophren enjoys the view and the fresh air... you know... from way up there...

Isn't it possible that the people who make a difference,
Don't feel like they are "that" kind of person either?
I think it's likely that the only difference between you and ... them
Is that they've told themselves it's ok to pretend.
If that's what it takes... then pretend away.

I'm talking about charity.
I'm talking about being a super-hero.
I'm talking about saving lives,
Spreading hope like peanut butter,
Loving your neighbors
And pretending to be the person that makes a difference.

You know that "bulk" section in the grocery store?
Ever notice how inexpensive a case of cans of soup actually is?
A flat of noodle packages?
The giant box of cookies?

Add something like that to your grocery list.
And put it in that basket by the exit at the grocery store...
The one that says "food cupboard".

It's easy...
It matters...
And it's so unbelievably selfless that you actually become taller as soon as you step away from the basket.

Hey... it's just an example.
But ... isn't it possible that the people who make a difference,
Don't feel like they are "that" kind of person either?
Maybe they just act that way...

It makes a difference.

So the liberal government was in power when a bunch of public servants, shady business people, and a couple of corrupt public officials, screwed off with a hundred million dollars. Charges are laid... court dates set and people are slowly but surely getting fried in both the court of public opinion and the criminal justice system. Now we've tossed the Liberal government over this scandal. (they called the scandal "Ad-Scam)
The replacement killers are tabling a bill to REBUILD ACCOUNTABILITY... because... you know, catching the criminals, firing them, sending them to court and jail and then tossing the entire government out (which costs approximately 300 million taxpayer dollars, btw) isn't being accountable. "Oh but not one single minister stepped down over that affair!!!" cries the critic... um... well seeing as it happened 10 years before these ministers were in their jobs... that's not a huge ass surprise to me.

But forget that... the real problem for me seems to be that the "REBUILDING ACCOUNTABILITY" is going to cost $500 million (at least) to implement and execute ... and most of that will go to salaried lawyers at big firms. Good thing we found out about the Ad-Scam.

Oh look... it's tax season... better hurry and pay up.

Julia Roberts... named one of her twins Phinnias.
He must have had a really big sharp head or something... hmm?
Of course.. this is Julia-of-the-giant-mouth Roberts.
Makes you wonder... a mouth that big... I mean...
Ok... no, never mind.
Poor kid though.
Phinnias was one of the fabulous furry freak brothers. (10 points if you know who they are.)

K... gotta jet. :)
Later muchachos y muchachas...
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Foil'ed again!

(click me)

So ... home from work and make the worlds fasted rainbow trout dinner. :)
The boys and I were on the road to a school I didn't even know was in the neighborhood (catholic school) to join the boys up in a fencing club.
The club has 8 to 12 year olds from 6:30 to 7:30 and then teen to adult from 7:30 to 9:30.
They train kids who end up on provincial and then national teams.
A sixteen year old boy who is highly "ranked" in the province spent the first while catching the boys up...
This "season" started in November... so they are joining "behind" but no matter.

There are not enough adjectives and adverbs to describe how much fun the boys had and how excited they are about the whole deal.

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