January 31st, 2006


Tuesday, January 31

Standing on the runner below the helicopter, holding on to the edge of the rail of the open compartment... wind buffeting my body... the ground a distant memory... and the tremendous beating sounds of the chopper blades above... I pull the little "reject" lever on the side of the record player and the needle rises... but I can't hold the bomb any more so it slips out of my grip. I'm still holding on... but finger tips only... Looking down... I see the brilliant flash of the bomb... now forgotten... somehow, I'll be able to hold on... I have to... if my finger tips even move... I'm gone...
blink blink


K, so we did the "two cars leave, one car returns" thing last night to take Z's maxima to the mechanic to get snow tires put on it... (*mid winter tire sale) and fix the wobble on the steering that started after they messed with the car last time. Bottom line? We only have one car this morning. 8:07 means everybody will be late.
I got showered, shaved, and ironed a shirt, ate, and OUT! getting the kids to school for 9:00 on the dot, and me to work about 40 minutes later. sigh.

We watched two epi's of Desperate House Hoe's last night. Lynette is an idiot - and her husband is worse.

I quietly sat and watched a little over half of Gattica last night. I will watch the end tonight.
I'm not sure why I am feeling so enthralled by the movie. I mean, sure... I always want to crawl over Uma when ever I see her in a flick, but I'm really not a big Jude Law fan... but the story is somehow very compelling to me. It could almost be a Robert Heinlein story. (and I'm guessing that Uma - aka Irene - did it.)

~ monday clothes!
~ green ftls, and z'suit!
~ oh, and my mickey tie. :)
~ well, the "Plan" was to actually wake up...
~ failing that... madly dashing about till kids are in school and I'm at work.
~ hair cut at 2:00... can't get it done at night... so it's trixie time.
~ drill down into something called a 'service view' of this clients email system...
~ tonight... clean things... we have the Real Estate Agent, here-to-for called MoneyBags, coming on thursday night.
~ get more pics up (and the BLUEPRINTS) on [:: http://www.corto.ca/corto/corNewCasa.html ::]
~ and then later, when I get the time machine working... get more images on my mom's painting web and my dad's carving web.
~ to say a quiet little bu-bye to jjnslat's little kitty.
~ for a future that includes a solution for bramey...
~ that notcharming would just find a big bag full of money
~ to send giant CONGRATULATIONS out to sadtomato on the big 10
~ for fragbert... to find that the road is a warm mistress.

Team Time Bomb
~ Congratulations kaifawn on the arrival of little (well, not so little!!) [ :: baby Devin. :: ]

Pawleeeeeeeese!!! bwaahahahaha... "Funds appropriated for rebuilding Iraq have been unaccounted for, miss-used... lost... and out-and-out stolen." Are you hearing this in American Newscasts? It's all over the CBC and BBC... hahaha... This kills me. A few million dollars are used to get shit going in Canada when the Quebec referendum was looming large and scary... the press finds out... and we practically hang the government, let alone a bunch of other scapegoats. I cannot even imagine how much money the US Treasury has basically handed over to EMPTY SPACE as contracts and cash floooooooood into Iraq and what will happen?
Dude... they will probably blame the whole thing on Lynndie England and have her shot.

Fun with Oprah: Watching Oprah trying to get trailer park mom to "grok" that it's not a good thing that she bought a stripper for her 16 year olds birthday party.
Dear Oprah,
Despite what you may think... or what you may wish for,
the entire world does not share your moral compass,
and there is a really good chance that they don't give a shit.

I'm not saying trailer mom had a great idea there... but HALF OF HER NEIGHBORS LIKELY BOUGHT HALO FOR THEIR 10 YEAR OLD'S X-BOX.
And none of them are on Oprah.

Do you know where your towel is?
"I love you sugar... We only get one shot and, you know, life becomes the road behind us so quickly, there is just no way I want to get to the gravel after the pavement and feel like things have been shit or not worth while. I will find the ways to make you happy... to be happy myself and if I have anything to say on the subject... we'll be dancing on that gravel."

ps. I mean... Ok, I heard a guy being interviewed on late night CBC radio One who was in "transition" (FTM) and he used "grok" exactly as it is meant to be used, saying that it means to (colloquial) "get it" to "get something, but at a subsonic level" and I was wonderfully happy to hear it used... but he had no idea where it came from ... (source: A Stranger In A Strange Land, RH)

I take off my cape and wizard hat...
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