January 29th, 2006


Sunday, January 29

(thinking LASER TAG with the mouse...)

Well yesterday couldn't have been more perfect... :)unbelievably perfect weather (like... it was on the plus side yo!) All sun... like it was spring.
Up early... skiing all day with the boys and Z and then a trip to the "house"... home, relax, and then my folks for a b-day dinner.
And yes... I was able to ski just fine.
The only "pain" was how the chair lift sometimes connected with the ouchi spot when I was sitting down.

Today is all about the birthday party with the kids...
Gray skies, the odd snowflake and staying warm.

~ black ftls
~ older... but not oldest... jeans
~ b.u.m. t.
~ relax with lj for a few moments...
~ get busy with working on re-caulking the shower in the master bathroom
~ off to LASER QUEST at around 2:00. :) (and afternoon of laser tag with a bunch of little boys... :D :D :D)
~ watch Battlestar tonight. :D :D
~ to send out hopeful vibes to odyssey_road for her mom (and good luck with the big choice about locations!!)
~ to tell greenwavedave that I totally grok the "blah blah blah ... oh, I'm just joking" thing. It's no joke.
~ I knew how a long lost friend... (kumi) is doing... no doubt being very artistic somewhere... :D

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday Nola!! It's teaser's birthday... She is my very long time friend who lives and works in Jo-burg SA, (where I have cousins, btw) raising her family and generally being my most appreciated link to a culture and world I so very much want to visit. :) Dearest Nola, I hope with all of my heart that the year ahead keeps you and your family in the best of health, that fortune smiles on you, and that life, work and play all conspire to give you wonderful and happy memories.

Remember I was talking about my Da and the "carving of the knots" thing...
Well dig this stuff...
This is the actual project the club was assigned... a "celtic knot" carved from a single piece of wood, no joins.

This is the "gordian knot" that he mistakenly thought he needed to carve... he made a few and put them in a mobile (again, with the "single piece of wood, no joins).

Also... just for fun... check this out.
Click this picture to see which element of this bouquet is ... carved out of wood!!!

~ he is sure having fun with this stuff.

Oh, and check out the latest iteration of his web site at [ :: woodwiz.corto.ca :: ]
(I keep trying to address the observations you all make... and soon I'll knuckle under and load up the catalogue with stuff).

I'm having some fun with sorting out images and little video files about the "house".
Long way to go... but for now...

A version of that image will be linked up with the following video files on the "house project web".

(I recommend you right click, save and view... instead of streaming them off my slow server)
[ :: September :: ] - before any digging... when we were still just trying to decide...
[ :: December :: ] - I posted this one before... it's the "snow visit" video.
[ :: January :: ] - and a walk about with the poured foundation ... shot yesterday... (more talking).

Seeing the foundation... walking around on it... just about has me exploding with excitement.
Mix up that with being able to ski yesterday... and dude... yesterday was just outstanding. :D

k... time to go and work on the bathroom. :D
See ya soon. :)
PS. If you DL the videos ... tell me about that... do they play well? video quality ok? I make them for a small window display 320x240 sorta deal... s'ok?

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omg... tired...
drive across town in ... reasonable weather.
two rounds of laser tag...
keeping track of 9 kids in a room with dozens and dozens of kids... and video games.
party room... noise... pizza... noise.
did I mention the noise?
cake... prezzies...
then drive home in a snow/ice-rain storm... evil slippery driving.
home cleaned up... and wants ... to... sleep.
sadly, must do another million things...
sigh. :)

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Haven't actually used it, but ... I just noticed the "google toolbar can spell check form contents before you submit them" button.
It's a small thing, I'm sure... but kewl. :)