January 26th, 2006


Thursday, January 26

Rolls eyes.
Geez. Cold much?
We all slept wonderfully... and into the "sleep in" zone on the clock... but all is well that turns out well and the kids made their bus, even with brushed teeth and breakfast in 'em. :)
I made a ginormous pot of coffee so that we'd both have plenty for the big-car-cups... and wouldn't you know it... I left my car cup in the fricking car when I got to work. GRRRRRRR! :D (spaz)

Here's a thought... well, three thoughts, and even though it's got the G word in it... it still works for a broad base because, you know... we all have our own god.

Do you want to experience true happiness?
Learn something from the jewish faith.
Love yourself, love your god, and do nice things for people.
~ no lie... this is simply the most complete recipe for long term happiness you will ever find that doesn't include bags full of money and Charleze Theron sitting on a pool table telling you that "it's all been arranged... k'mere.".

~ black stripee ftls
~ kahki cargos
~ black turtleneck
~ two tone...khaki and beige sorta, big warm sweater.
~ meeting at 10:30 - another one... it's my fav time of day for meetings... ;)
~ smiling a lot...
~ more geek work tonight ... I want to get the woodwiz.corto.ca web site done enough to not think about it for a while... :)
~ to send some kind vibes and a few smiles out to kutie_kara
~ that I could... well lil_sass knows "what" ...
~ to say that... theartofgirl is a pretty smart lil'cookie. :)
~ that misskris turns PTO into good time off... :)
~ and that you would join me in making small wishes for a friends' FIL... rini... I hope all turns out well for his dad.

Holy Pot Hole on the BBRTMP (That's the "Big Bush Roadmap To Middle-east Peace")
Considering that the money spent by the US government to prop up the Middle East - read: ISRAEL - peace process, would have ensured a roof over the head of every homeless American or put a 42" plasma HDTV in the home of every upper middle income earner (what? k'mon... they're the ones that can afford HD right now), this interesting turn of events in Palestine must be a real kick in the old nadz for Georgie Poopie Head.

Lets review;
Blank empty desert. Wandering exiles show up, negotiate with the locals and are given an unforgiving hunk of desert that they turn into a fertile oasis of life. Hence Israel is born from nothing. Decades later... the "locals" think ..."Word!! That is some sweet land... lets all live together."
All hell breaks loose and things are shit from there foreword.
The Israelis have no concept of "loving thy neighbor" despite all their big religious talk, so they regularly perform air strikes against civilian Palestinian targets..
The Palestinians have no concept of respecting thy neighbor... So regular mortar attacks into suburban Israel seems like a good idea to them.

The Situation?
From the crucible of pure stupidity... grows the Hamas movement. A terrorist organization that, like Shin Fein, has a political arm.
That political arm has enjoyed being the nasty-ass-opposition to whoever was in charge of the Palestinian Authority for many years.
The terrorists that Hamas actually are... has vowed to work towards the utter destruction of the Isreali state.
They really are not pleased at all with the whole "irrigate the desert and turn it into an oasis" thing.
So the Fatwa - who could easily be a part of a Stompen Tom Conners song... if any of them lived in Mattewa - ruled the PA for years and years... remember picnic table cloth head? Yassi Arrafat? Yeah... that guy.
The Hamas... the disaffected youth who see their fathers beaten and killed by Israeli guardsmen kinda get a bee in their bonnets over the whole "We are Israel and we rock" thing. They go through the "You are Israel and I throw rocks" thing right up to ... "I bomb your skanky ass every day" thing. The Hamas are a collection of these people... They all feel justified in their actions... and their actions are all about parents looking forward to their children opting to be martyred by blowing themselves up in crowded coffee house because if they do... the Hamas will PAY THE FAMILY ALL KINDS OF MONEY FOR YEARS AND YEARS.
Do you have any idea how fucked up that is?

And Today?
The Palestinians held an election yesterday to annoint a new leader of the PA. They OVERWHELMINGLY elected the HAMAS dudes into power. DUDE!!! What-the-hell? Was the Osama Bin Laden Party too busy to run?

So yeah... a culture of hate, built into the education, religious, political and family systems, exists with these people and people over here in the West have no frigging idea what they hell it's all about. Hard Core Terrorists elected by a majority vote to rule in Palestine... and you think the ol' Road Map To Peace was a convoluted pathway before?

I mean really... wouldn't you rather have a 42" HD Plasma TV?

I have some remarkable friends here in lj land...
Wanna see something really groovy? I'm gonna sit with the boys and read what's there to them this weekend.
Go check out "Gandhi ... the Childrens Version" at moowazz's journal in [ :: this post :: ]

Isn't it great how they've helped people with Down Syndrom get jobs in the real world... even in Entertainment an' stuff. Like that Jimmy Kimmel guy... he's done really well for himself... I mean, considering how advanced his handicap is...


Time to jet. :D hahaha

note: Chantal Kreviazuk... beautiful voice.
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ug... 10:15... dinner, mad grocerie excursion, bed time rituals with the kids...
and now it's time to make three dozen cup cakes for Ed to take to school.
Birthday boy brings cake for the class... the teacher, the "office ladies"
and when I picture him giving cup cakes to the "office ladies" I am
overcome with a mental image of Harold from the Captain Underpants
books... :) and flying cupcakes... and lunch ladies... and aliens
"tra la la" ...

Ok... off to start cup-cake-o-rama. :)