January 17th, 2006


Tuesday, January 17

Super cold, but not as cold as yesterday. :) (this is a good thing... :D :D)
Big Sky and Sunshine... when I venture to an office area at work that has actual windows instead of ugly maroon baffles... the view is across the ottawa river to the Nations seat of government, Parliament Hill. The newly renovated Parliamentary Library fills the view that washes in and out of sight as vast torrents of steam from the paper between here and there wash across the river. It's quite spectacular in the sunlight. I shall bring a camera tomorrow and capture this for you. :)

I did nothing last night... besides the "cook, clean, play with kids, put kids to bed, and read with them" zone... save for a little time spent watching Jon Stewart and some time put into sorting out how I'm gonna display images in the catalog page of my dads "wood carving" website. [ :: woodwiz.corto.ca :: ] Go have a look... click into the catalog, scroll down... click back and then leave. Then take a second to tell me what you think of things lining up so strongly on the left side of the screen. I'm developing on a 17 hi res monitor and trying to account for the "slightly older lap top" crowd that simply don't have hi res.

~ black stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ gray t
~ brown turtleneck... and love'en it.
~ bang - zoooom ... busy morning getting ahead on the project
~ lunch with my buddy Rabbi Jay...
~ try to contract with an accountant for some tax guidance later this aft...
~ NO REALLY... watch frigg'en LOST tonight. I mean, a new one is on tomorrow...
~ that, somehow, kendokamel manages to survive the morning... you fashion'ista you. :)
~ for some car gods to bring replacement-parts-a-plenty to kimberly27616...
~ that you'd go over to [ :: this post :: ] in mai_ling's journal. A wonderful cause and people should link it up!

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday to two very good friends and wonderful ladies... Amy (arlyn) and Cristi (txgirlie.
Amy, may you find and hold the treasures that will squeeze you back and carry you into the future... I hope you have a lovely birthday and I sincerely hope I am with you next year to make that wish again. :)
And Cristi... I hope you never get a horse like that freakish "quarter horse" thing... :D :D May you be well pleased with the success you have with your horses, your love and your life. You are a wonderful young woman and I know I'm lucky to have a small thread of connection. Happy Birthday sugar.

Imagine a future... a time after China rises to super-stardom. Imagine that the middle east, south asia, eurasia and all of the north East (formerly russia) ... all band together and become one massive country. ( I know I know... I said "Imagine").
This new country... lets call it NewChina, dominates global politics, economics, resource development and trade.
They - the people in NewChina - have many religions but predominately they are a muslim world (remember, I said "imagine", stop complaining).
America... in the time that this great new global super power took to rise, has fallen. The USA is still an important country but mostly because of it's production capabilities, natural resources and educational system. It is no longer the Guy With The Biggest stick. In fact... they have a rather small stick in this imagined future... but there are still millions upon millions of strong willed and proud Americans. They remain a people with unbreakable spirit and a wondrous capacity to adapt to the changing world around them, without giving up their core values.
Now... NewChina is involved in global relations and in an effort to ensure the free movement of the resources that feed the industrial complex at the core of the NewChina economy, they have made strong moves to support smaller nations, and stabilize countries that suffer religious and economic upheaval.
In fact, NewChina has used it's leverage with oil, gas and economic power to gain a foot hold in several US States. The NewChina bases in Texas, California, Utah and Georgia are vast complexes hosting NewChina personnel, both military and civilian. These bases provide support to failing industries and farming concerns... all towards the goal of ensuring that goods and services continue flowing. Sadly, however, they are pulling greater and greater volumes of resources out of the US and feeding them to NewChina.
Time goes by and the political structures supporting NewChina become a little less tolerant of those upstart born-again-christians in the US. The US keeps trying to maintain equality with women... and they constantly demand pay for the lowest level workers that is compatible with the pay scales given to actual NewChina citizens. Slowly... but surely... they begin to pressure the government in the US to adopt more NewChina values. The government wants very much to tell NewChina exactly where to get the hell off... but ... there is no arguing with a super power that can man-handle the United Nations, mobilize unimaginable military resources, let alone a country that can cripple american interests overnight with a few sharp punches to the economy.
NewChina values and morals are constantly promoted... and the religious beliefs of the NewChinese are constantly at odds with the outdated "democracy" concepts in the US and especially with the American religious leaders. The NewChina News (NCN) calls those religious leaders "Clerics" and they are often portrayed as Zealots and trouble makers. American unrest is growing and heating up small pots of rebellion. NCN news reports on all of it.
Some Americans decide that they are just sick and tired of this crap... so they find financial support and begin to move quietly into the night carrying freedoms flag tucked into their pockets. They try to sabotage a few NewChina installations on American soil... killing many, and they even get a few moments in the press by attacking some economic interests in NewChina itself, hoping to get people there to pay attention.
In response, NewChina literally BOMBS THE FUCKING SHIT out of Texas... roll in with vast military might and basically DEMAND that Texas adopt NewChina's political structure, move Christianity to a lower echelon and adopt more muslim ideals, including a charter of rights that makes womens lower standing clear and gives authority to the men and clerics that are gods choice for such things.

So... would any americans be interested fighting back?
How would americans feel if other - third party - countries answered NewChina's call to provide assistance in subduing the upstart Americans?
Would Americans be freedom fighters?
Or would they be the new terrorists?

Just say'en....

It does the cause of "understanding" and "cooperation" between two distinct groups - say... gun enthusiasts and non-gun people - no good at all, for a member of one side of that coin to go directly to a person on the other side and adopt an insulting and aggressive stance, and attack all of their values, insult them personally, and insult their country. I commented on a post one of my friends made yersterday about Ted Nugent, saying that I was no fan (not any more... I used to like the music and stage show)... and out of the woodwork comes a guy with an NRA Lj User icon and he goes on the attack to draw my comment into his next big chance to act like a gun nut.
Some people do their cause of choice more harm than good by giving voice to their attitudes.
I know, I know... I can hear you saying "You're one to talk Corto!!!" ... but I do my talking here... in my journal. I don't go on the attack looking for a way to draw people who carry opposing views to mine out in other peoples journals.

Proportional representation versus popular representation.
This is possibly going to become a political football in Canada.
I look forward to the debate.

In the mean time... I sure wish they'd gather up all the Block candidates and chuck them in the middle Lake Superior.

k... time to fly. :D) have a great day muchachos... y muchachas.
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