January 16th, 2006


Monday, January 16

Farking, fracking, flipping cold yo! squeaky car, crinkly fabric on my winter jacket and roads that are either white salt pavement or inch thick evil ice.
All in all ... a lovely morning. :D

No seriously though... more sunshine than you can shake a stick at and, despite the evil evil evil cold... I'm alive and feel'en fine... sign, sign, every where a sign... . Oh wait... "feel'en fine" is a wee overstatement in so far as my ass bone was doing grand ... seriously good... right up until I drove to work today. No idea why it's so sore now but ... it's in a state of constant ache. This will pass. :)

~ green ftls
~ seriously bright white tommy dress shirt
~ z'charcoal black suit.
~ a morning of prep work and meetings...
~ and a big cheese meeting in the late afternoon.
~ strong likelihood that I'll be helping z do a "room declutter" project tonight...
~ will we ever get to watch LOST? (ps. we enjoyed the end of last seasons 24 last night... :D :D :D and the new season is going straight to the PVR!! :D)
~ to send many wishes and prayers out to galebird. She is pulling hard on the lines of hope for the challenges faced by cancer in her family. I am an unhappy victim of life's strange desire to build irony dear Nico... and I pray, hope, and wish for her sweet relief from cancers cruel claws.
~ to say that I'm enjoying nbbmom's payback ... haha... oops... that should say payment. Poor Redskins...
~ to send congrats to tonya on her accomplishments... may progress be ever rewarding!
~ and to offer up a few words of encouragement for bair... and little Buckey. :)

You know... it's those darn black people.
It's like they think everybody else should just disregard years... decades... centuries of beliefs, and because some court somewhere says they have the right to be treated equally, this is all supposed to be... I don't know... easy!

What is so wrong with letting the people we elected to represent us in Parliament decide.
I mean... we can sort things out so that they get the same tax breaks as everybody else.

Heck... we don't want to discriminate or anything, it's just that we think it should be up to each social organization themselves to decide how to treat these people.

And... by the way, what's with everybody having to say "people" ... when we know there should be a special name for them... what's so wrong with saying "blacks"? I mean, there could be a mix up somewhere and the next thing you know... someone will think someone else meant... you know... a regular person.

Look, it just gets out of hand. Especially when we get into our churches and see the government telling the ministers how to treat blacks.
A minister should be able to decide, along with the will of his congregation, just who he's going to let in the door.

Before you know it... mark my words... there are going to be black couples demanding to be married in a regular people church.
Unless we get the politicians to overturn that stupid charter of rights stuff... I mean, if that's what the will of the people is, we're going to have the Supreme Court telling us how to live our lives.

And don't go giving me a hard time about religious laws.
Those laws came first. All this legal beagle stuff is brand new, by comparison.
There's nothing in the bible that says we have to let black people get married in regular people churches.
And yes... I know, I know... the bible also tells us to stone our women to death if they mess around.
But we know some of those rules are just silly and out of date.
But we also know what rules God wanted us to keep toeing the line with, and which ones to stop following.

No really... this is just getting out of hand.


Oh..... You mean the Conservative Party was talking about Same Sex Marriages... and not black people.??
Yeah... well... Ok... so you're right... that's much worse.
Rush Right Out and Support Your Local Conservative Candidate.
Why let some silly Charter of Rights define how we live...

January 23rd... Vote... and if you don't like the Liberals, the Conservatives, the NDP, the Greens, the Weed Party or the Marxists... then spoil your ballot by writing "just say no to political involvement in human rights" on it.