January 15th, 2006


Sunday, January 15

ahhh yes... I'm awake.
Yesterday was one busy mother of a day.

I woke up to rain... getting the kids and Suz ready to leave for ski lessons... I'm watching the rain and worrying.
The car was packed, lunches ready, coffee in a car cup and ... snow.
The left and the temperatures plummets...
The day started at PLUS 3 and ended at MINUS 18 (plus wind-chill which brought it down to MINUS 6,000,000).

While they were gone;

Dude... you cannot imagine how amazing the kitchen floor looks.
It's fricking gorgeous!!
Now... I have to do the two upstairs bathrooms and the laundry room (all, also vinyl sheet).

They came home early from skiing (no big surprise... evil cold) and we sorted life for dinner downtown.
Suz's friend from Montreal were here so we went to dinner at the Keg with them... they were going to the mercury lounge after so we ate close.
(I suggested we go to The Highlander and we really should have... the freaking Keg has become freaking expensive in the 6 years since I've been there... :D hahaha)
This was a family affair, so Suz's friend (five months preggers) could see out kids... she hasn't seen them in four years. So the four of us were shivering around in the Byward Market last night.

~ black stripee ftls
~ older 725 (aka Wallmart specials) blue jeans
~ and a five year old TXT shirt... (is it bad that I'm wearing five year old clothes?)
~ to go downstairs and watch the last half hour of Battlestar Galactica !!! (so fun!!)
~ to eat some chicken chili
~ I think we're going to my moms house for dinner...
~ then maybe... (crosses fingers) there'll be time for LOST ...
~ that Dr. tj642 doesn't try to remove any internal organs...
~ to share a shivery moment with harleydog
~ that the many wonderful talents that Mr. allyn has at his disposal... help him today.
~ and wishing a big wish for burntflowers... to find her own bed... :)

Birthday moment...
A very special birthday wish for the happiest of days out to a long time lj friend...
"My Little Nut... Meg..." Happy Birthday nutmeg. May the year ahead bring you great happiness, and keep you in good health.

The newspaper on friday had three images of Paul Martin (Liberal Leader) that were 1/4 page or more... and three images of Steven Harper (Conservative). One Martin pic has him with his thumb and first finger in his nostrils - hard to explain, in the second he has his mouth hanging open and looking stupid, and the third, his eyes are downcast. All three of the Harper pictures have him smiling... and not picking his nose. This is the way of things. The press feels the direction of the wind and they blow along with it.
The Conservative Party of Canada will bring - if they win - very hard times to the social fabric of this country.
But then again... "social fabric" is always a little hard done by.
I'm having trouble believing that the liberals will win another minority.
Voter confusion is about the only tactic I can still see working.

Last night... I put a thawed small-fryer chicken in the crock pot... poured on two cans of kidney beans, a large can of crushed tomatos, and two cups of chopped up peppers etc... tonnes of seasoning... and set it to 10 hours.
This morning... I took the chicken out... it came out whole... stripped off the meat and put it back in the pot, chucking the husk.
OMFG... it's fabulous chicken chili... and holy freaking easy!!!!

Happy kids in a restaurant. :D

Time to zoom. :D
Have a lovely day.