January 4th, 2006


Wednesday, January 4

(trippy pic huh... :D)

yawn... :D
Me = wary wary sleeeeeeeeeeepy.

I popped two advil before bed... and my butt is feeling remarkable good today. Now I have no doubt it will be all sore and angry at me by the end of the day, but it's starting out nicely. (sigh, I was a totally frustrated ball of ouch before bed last night, so feeling good this morning was a nice surprise)

It's supposed to be freezing rain today... or snow... or some other crummy weather "type".
Not an altogether bad day to be stuck in cube land without a window.

Heavy Random: anyone remember the movie (book) "Andromeda Strain"??? I - to this day - always felt so bad for that wee baby that was still alive in the dead town.

~ green ftls
~ treacle... black... cotton cargos
~ new black turtleneck... just washed... and appears to have shrunk up the arms... sigh.
~ big beige sweater.
~ zoom to work, set up several appointments for next week
~ write a questionnaires (ug) for those appointments...
~ home and likely have to go get groceries...
~ dinner and MUCHO 24 TONIGHT. ;D (having a lot of fun watching this season - which is last season, just available on DVD)
~ to send some warm mommy type vibes out to angryvixen and many extra wishes for all to be well in the land of new mommies... :)
~ more good vibes out to debby ... just 'cuz.
~ that the next two weeks go well for Mich... who would be serpah's better half. (she's having a baby!!)

birthday moment...
Happy Birthday krzy and may the employment gods smile on you this year. :) I hope you find a way to squeeze some real happiness out of the year ahead.

A miner is only safe when he's in his mommys arms.
Sadly, this is only too true today.
My heart sank ... along with the hearts of so many, when the news came on this morning.
five thousand, two hundred and eighty feet ... is one mile.
Dudes were down thirteen thousand feet... closing in on three miles down.
I am unable to imagine this.
Government regulations, "industry partnerships" and corporate safety records are for shit if the mine operating company is ready to squeeze a little more margin out of the ground regardless of the cost to miner safety.
The miners themselves play a giant role in safety... but there can be no question that the mining company has to shoulder the responsibility for this accident... for any accident.
And what about tomorrow?
Will anything change at the hundreds of other mines across the country?
not likely.

In three separate media moments, all this morning, I heard the Jack Layton story defined as "and Jack wants Mr.s Martin and Harper to remember that this is not a two horse race." or some other rot that adds up to the same thing...
And that my friends, is the kiss of death.
When a politician has to resort to yelling from the sidelines for someone to pay attention and take him seriously... he's out.
While I am much troubled by the potential harm ... long term economic harm... that a NDP government would do the country, I still wish Layton would shut up with the whining and jump back in and TAKE the votes he needs to form the coalition government we need him to form.

I have the sneaking suspicion that I used a three year old pile of envelopes to cap the addresses of my christmas card recipients...
I have vast stores of data on friends addresses and most of it is crazy... Like three addresses for the same person... etc.
The worst is an address, name, family members, etc... but no hint of what their Lj name is... sigh.
I think I'll make up a poll later (or something) to start the address thing over again.

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Edit: Meme removed - buggy code always gets me thinking... hmmmm what else is this trying to do?

me? doing a meme? well it's a very superficial, self absorbed type of meme... so I figured, suites me. :)
hahaha... okay, shhh.

Fun is fun yo. :)

(ps. let me know if this turns out to be some kind of link to internet horrors - my general reason for not being "meme guy".)

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~ The "_______ is love" thing... cool as it may be... WTF? It appears that half the people who post it end up displaying the images of who YOU are signed in as. Yet (and that's the confusing part) the other half of them show up as who-ever-they-are "is love".


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Yeah, so after all the "____ is love" fun ... it's time to go!!

and for the record... [ :: YOU :: ] are love!!!


The day started cold, but not FREEEEEZING.
Then it rained...
freezing rain...
layering everything in ice...
then, about three hours ago, the snow started.

Now? it's white winter wonderland of crashed cars, slick roads, black ice, and people... sigh.
Off I go to the parking lot with my sore ass... to scrape off my car, and drive home... slowly. :)

See ya.

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Posty McPostalot kinda day huh... :)

k... so I made it home safe and sound... holy moly were people driving slow.

Made dinner... kind of a crummy dinner, if I do say so myself... but we neeeeeeeeeeeed groceries.
Kitchen's cleaned up ... including the big tupperware explosion from cleaning out the fridge last night...
now it's time to go coral the kids outside and have 'em help me shovel the landway, then ...

Oh... and later... for fun and excitement...
I'll continue working on [ :: this :: ] .
That's my kitchen floor project...
You can hardly tell from the crummy picture... but that's the floor plan of our kitchen.
The vinyl sheet flooring... lovely stuff... (see "Tour of Casa De Corto" on my web site)
but it's "pitted" ... and I'm talking at the design level... across the whole floor, there are wee dents.
Well the dents become dirt traps around the traffic area...
Believe me... I wash the floor... I use a sponge mop and cleaner but those dents... don't give it up for a sponge mop.
So my "project" is to get the floor gorgeous before the house goes up for sale. (next month!!!)
The shaded areas on the wee picture are the "done" areas.
I'll shade in another 5 square feet tonight... (baby steps!)
I'm going at it with a nylon brush and cleanser, hands and knees and cleaning down to sparkle!
When - and if, considering I may yet die while doing it - I finish... I'm gonna wax the freaking floor.

Ok... time to get busy.