January 3rd, 2006


Tuesday, January 3

It's sunny... it was c-c-c-cold when I got going today but it's seeming to warm up a wee bit... and be sunny type lovely. A great day to be out and about, perhaps skiing, sledding, skating, or any of the many things I can't fucking do... till my ass heals... sigh. I gotta phone the doc again soon and ask about those fricking x-rays... They (docs) can't actually do anything about a broken tail bone... but whether or not it's actually broken will have a big impact on how long the healing will have to go on before I can start working it ...

I keep reading about people and their kids all a'packen off to school today. Our kids are off until next week (which seems odd to me but whatever).
Originally, I was going to work from home a couple of days last week and then take time this week to go skiing with the family... sigh. Now, I'll be working and wondering if Suz will take the kids skiing and if they'll have fun... (double sigh).

Maybe I can take them over to a skating rink after dinner tonight... (not that I'll go anywhere near the ice... but still).
~ blue stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ black t and my new brown turtleneck... (mucho love this shirt)
~ drive to work... pay a zillion dollars for the privilege of parking at the clients site for the month of January... versus free parking back at the company office... sigh. (about 60% of it is re-reimbursed)...
~ work work work...
~ at end of day, drive to corp office to pick up a book I asked them to buy for me (ITIL Software Asset Management)
~ watch more 24... love that show on DVD... I could not handle it, watching with commercials and ... weekly ... sigh. :D
~ get somewhere on my da's wood wiz web site... :)
~ to send some hopeful vibes out to travellingstar...
~ to congratulate cynica on her recent marriage and ... the rest of want film... (snicker)
~ to point out that, sexist elements aside, those muslims sure have divorce proceedings down to simple terms... :) ("go, git, later" and presto!!)
~ that murphy59 gets all the new sox his drawer can handle...
~ and for dishpan_nipples's kids to enjoy the snow day. :D :D

Birthday moments...
Man... two really wonderful women on my friends list are celebrating birthdays today... dawna and sushie_shuakhwe.
Happy birthday sugar-Dawna... may you be every cared for by friends and lovers and I hope you enjoy great happiness in the year ahead. :)
And little miss Sushie... Happy Birthday sugar... it's always a treat to see you on my f-list and I hope that doesn't change any time soon. :D May the next year keep you safe and warm sugar... safe and warm. :)

Ain't nuthin like a little personal involvement or a self righteous attitude to make "forgetting the charter of rights and freedoms" seem like a good idea. Happens all the time... and to a broad range of personalities, let alone socially stratified groups. Beat the drum, demand fair play, cry freedom... right up until the whole thing affects you personally or your personal sense of moral obligation to outdated ideals or religious fervor.
This is why we made a Charter that is supposed to exist above the laws and the politics.
Rules that define our simple, collective, national desire to allow opinion, no matter how small, to be treated with respect... are not up for auction just because we get sick and tired of a liberal government screwing up money matters for a decade.
If we "throw the bums out"... be prepared to stand up and wave the Charter in the faces of the bums we put in.
Some things should not be open for debate.

What do you hear man? got the big global perspective on news?
How about China? Guangdong Province? Big toxic spill into the Beijang River... flows into the Pearl River... feeding drinking water to urban areas... DUDE we would be going freaking crazy here in the West if this happened. They've got a boil water advisory on... haha... gah.
Oh, and the US army was busy bombing the crap out of some family home and killing a bunch of kids and their mom... because... you know... it's important to purge the country (Iraq) of insurgents... TRANSLATION: "Insurgents": people opposed to the US invading and setting up shop in their country. And don't give me a song and dance about "they put that family in a known terrorist house... that's total crap. It's just more bad intel and a scorched earth policy that fears for the possible casualties within the American military... so they follow up leads with AIR TO GROUND MISSILE ATTACKS. Those missiles are just sooooooo good at assessing the threats and risks of a given target...

Lonely in a crowd
Alone in a house
A candle in darkness
Don't disturb him.
You may mess up his carefully
made plans to be a social martyr.

~ is it so hard to be accountable for your emotions?

Later skaters... :D
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due in part to a wildly unfortunate decision in the land of parenting,
our children have seen the "Family Guy Movie" that came out a wee
while ago. I've since burned it and arranged to have the ashes cast
into the deepest well.

that being said, however... as I cleaned up after dinner they were
playing at the table and having a cookie or something... and one
of them mentions Brittany Spears. The other saids "who?".
Then I listen to ...

"you know, that singer, who was in the family guy movie."
(there was a "future" segment in the movie and Spears shows up...)
"oh yeah... she was big big fat girl in a wheel chair..."
then imitates her voice.. .
'Ah may have lost my leg to diabetes,
but I'm still sexy y'all... and now I'm gonna dance
for ya ...'
(Her wheelchair falls over, into an amp, catches fire
and the scene cuts away from her laying, in flames, on the stage.)

... and they burst out laughing...

(so, just say'en... score one for Family Guy)