December 31st, 2005


Saturday, December 31 2005

Ah yes... the ever so rare Saturday morning post. :)

It's a gray day ... not all sunny and lovely like yesterday... but it's still a winter wonderland day and I wish I was outside playing. !
I'm doing well - sore tail bone wise - but the challenge is one of "settling". If I sit... my body settles into sitting... so much so that when I rise again, there is minor drama in the facial expressions I make as my lower back adjusts to something new. Same goes for laying down, etc. Sleep was not my friend last night. :(

Today will be better. This is a most unfortunate way to close off the year... but 2005 brought all kinds of new things into my world so I'm not going to call it a bummer year just cuz it ends with a sore ass. :)

A Wish...

May the new year bring peace to troubled lives, warmth to cool cool hearts and love-overflowing to replace the sadness that finds a home in so many friends.

~ black stripee ftls
~ b.u.m. confused shirt
~ and ma brand new p-z jeans... (love the jeans)
~ to take careful care of my ever so sore tail bone today... and to try and not wish I was skiing ... sigh.
~ possibly take the boys somewhere they can skate... :) (I've got to get them outside)
~ and then tonight... the big night. :D See below. :)
~ I hadn't just moved... sigh. (little tiny stupid movements... bring the most outstanding pain)
~ the very best news years wishes to my many friends and contacts here in the land of lj. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday aunticrist... I hope the year ahead brings you good fortune and greater friendships... :D
Happy Birthday Brian! (bulvai)... may the new year, and your next year, keep you healthy and give you great opportunity for making lasting memories.
Dearest danicia and fragbert!!! sharing a birthday! How cute is that. :D Happy birthday to you both... may the new year bring you both new opportunities (and I know you both deserve them). I hope you both enjoy your birthdays and enjoy good health, wealth and happiness in the new year.

It's not hard to be spiritual. I think that's more a question of "letting yourself" than of anything else. To be spiritual... and it's a broadly defined term... is nothing more complicated than allowing yourself to hold on to the possibilities of a complex and mischievous universe... a place that science can explain and define but never truly understand. Being religious, on the other hand, is steeped in notions of devotion. Faithful devotion to almost arbitrary rules, chauvinism, exclusionary beliefs and meddlesome practices. I am and will continue to be at a bit of a loss when trying to fathom the why of organized religion but I am quite comfortable with spirituality.

Tonight is Suzanne's Resolution Run ... she and a zillion other people line up downtown and take off on a 5 k run. The boys and I will be there... drinking hot chocolate and cheering mom on. :D Getting home from that will be around 8ish... so our evening starts after that... Possibly having my S&BIL over or going to my bro's house... either way, it will be board games and watching other people drink. :)

I resolve to work harder at carrying through with the process of disciplining the kids... which means, not letting my spouse be the bad cop and trying to gain some control over the "out of control" moments in our house. The hard part of this will be recognizing - in myself - when I'm letting bad behavior slide because I think it's funny. :D
I also resolve to put an honest effort into an exercise regime and doing something about looking like a basketball - of a small basketball) thief all the time. :) (hiding one under my shirt...)
If I can do those things... I know it will improve my world because both will yield greater self respect.