December 29th, 2005


Thursday, December 29

So yesterday I was a bit stupid... or pig-headed...
The boys got a christmas gift from my mom of a day of Painting Class at the National Gallery... it's quite the big deal so we zoomed them off first thing yesterday morning... I was popping advil and tylonal and thinking... you know... it's sore... but it'll be ok.

Suz needed boots and we needed to kill time... like six hours... so we shopped. I bought Angels and Demons right off the bat and spent most of the day sitting on the edge of things and reading... Nothing like a huge shopping mall right after christmas... ug.

We walked a lot... which, btw, is surprisingly not ouch. Walking... sitting on a hard chair... lying on my tummy... All of that is good.
Getting out of a car is ... impossible.
Turning my body... again, impossible.
Taking a crap... sadly... impossible.
I'm going to spend december 29th in a hospital.

~ dk blue ftls
~ blue jeans
~ a gap shirt and a p-z sweater...
~ and wee bit of a grimace!
~ to click send and then leave for the hospital.
~ that ... well, it's all a bunch of self serving wishes right now.
~ to thank designergirl for her words of concern. squeeeze. :D

Birthday moments...
Happy marginally late, but no less important birthday wish out to another_tom!! I hope you had a grand day and there is a great year ahead.
And dear uniclycommon! Happy Birthday you little bowl of so-very-far-away-sugar... I do hope you had a nice day yesterday and you have most sincere wishes for the year ahead. May good fortune, good health and a wealth of happiness wrap you up and carry you through the year.
And today...
Happy birthday Mz Florida sunshine... :D er... sunnlight Have a wonderful MAC year!!
And for the new Mom in town... Happy Birthday dear sillz. I hope you and your wonderful husband have a great year and may your birthday remind you of the many years of happiness yet to come. :D

All things go in circles. Everything has it's time and those times... come to an end, and then start up in some new or different way.
I wonder how that truth plays in the land of me and my journal.
I was too sore, too busy, too tired and too medicated to journal yesterday...
... other than a couple of planned "breaks" from lj... that's a first besides Saturdays, in five years.
Just say'en...

tail bone: I'm kinda scared.
it's the beginning of the ski season... the kids are booked in lessons, and this is the biggest family pull-together thing we have on our annual agenda... the winter ski party and vacation etc... yet... I may be told I'm done till next year. This is really seriously bumming me out.
But... I have to stop ... because I haven't heard anything official yet and I'm just going on nerves ... so I'll see ya later and let you know how it turns out with the doc.
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home again home again...

sounds like a bit from some nursery rhyme...

Didn't go to Hospital.
Current wait period... six hour before you see anyone.
Go to clinic instead... clinic closed...
Go to other clinic... be seen inside 5 minutes.
Young looking doctor... (note: everybody is "young looking" lately... and clearly it's something everybody else is doing because it can't have anything to do with me...!)
er... where was I?
oh yeah...
Young looking doctor has me do the full range of motion... which is ok.
but she zones in on the exact sore spot and bloody hell... she found it yo!
So scribble scribble scribble and "off you go to here, here or here (gesturing at map) to get a series of x-rays..."

We talk about the x-ray results... in terms of healing time.
Broken... off skis till March... no question.
Not broken... off skis till February minimum.
Bottom line... very sad.

The x-ray clinic was practically empty (amazing, considering the wait time at the hospital).
Pictures taken and - the only down side to using the "clinic services" - now I wait for the radiologist report to get to my clinic doctor and for her to phone me.