December 26th, 2005


Monday, December 26

Well we had a lovely christmas... :)
Geo woke up at 9:00 and had to cajole Ed into waking up... then, with instructions to "only open your stocking"... they took off downstairs.
Oh OH !!! When Geo went to wake up Edward... there came much exclaiming and wide wonder about the train lamp!!! It was perfect.
Edward came to me to tell me that Santa had definitely put the new lamp there!!!
George managed to have a fun Christmas despite not getting a snow board... (double sigh)
He was soooo testing the limits and pushing on the santa story with the snow board issue.
"If there IS a Santa... he'll know that I really want a snow board..."

We played here at home till early afternoon and then headed over to my parents house for the big family fun zone... Lovely big dinner.
After that... well, it got to be 7:30 and time to zoom further into the family and so we packed up and lighted over to my SILs house to spend the rest of the evening with Suz's family. There was fudge. I was right happy. :) haha... Ok, I was happy regardless... but the fudge was nice.

~ black ftls
~ old ripped jeans
~ warm long sleeve... but conflicted shirt... :)
~ sleep in!! :D
~ shovel the mush that's all over my laneway... sigh...
~ putter ... a lot. :)
~ watch Fantastic 4 tonight... (kids got the dvd from neighbor kids).
~ start up work on a web site for my dad... carving zone...
~ that the house of carefreespirit gets to better health ... and right quick!

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday Norm!!! (I forever slip into a Cheers memory when I type "Norm!!" :D) thetech, I hope you have a grand and healthy year ahead.
and Happy Birthday evil!! and I know you're not Evil... :D Have a wonderful year and make all kinds of great memories with the menagerie. :)

[ :: George Bush Christmas Address :: ]
238 words (that's four gods, a christ, a jesus, and a saviour)
oh, and it included, Many [soldiers] are serving in distant lands, helping to advance the cause of freedom and peace.
~ leaders throughout history sealed their unfortunate fates with this very kind of thinking.

I listened to the [ :: Queens christmas address :: ] (2,948 words)... not for the first time... but I was struck by her words this year like no other year I can recall.
She said things in her address that rang true and she seemed to illustrate a genuine sense of "taking a global perspective" when considering the challenges of the year ahead. I recommend reading it. And she never says anything that sounds like ... "We out there beating peace into the heads of the heathens with out gun stocks."

I feel bad about a friend I am losing contact with ... a guy from high school... and way beyond. But we've not talked in so long... I honesly fear that there was something wrong and I kinda worry that calling him will put him on the spot about some dumb thing... I don't want to make him feel awkward... let alone make myself feel the same way. But I have to call... friendships are too important to let slide.

k, gonna go now. Time to break my back on the laneway... :D
Have a great "boxing day".
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