December 20th, 2005


Tuesday, December 20

K, it's snowing ... "light snow"... but add wind and it gets nasty.
It's supposed to go up to -2 which would be nice...

After Z wrapped like a christmas tornado, after I folded laundry, geeked around and cleaned... we finally got to watching 40 Year Old Virgin at like ... 11:40. It's a kick ass long movie... and at 1:40 we stopped for bed. Mostly 'cuz z was sleeping through it at this point so, I thought we'd stop and pick it up again later. I have to say... great movie. The "smoking pot through an apple carved out to hold a screen" was cool... anybody ever do that? I'd never thought of it... coolio. I have to say, I knew I was gonna laugh through the whole movie after the first 10 seconds... watching him do the Morning Torque Pee thing... hahahahaha... :D :D

Just say'en... Battlestar Galactica... Season Two... Premier on January 14. Sweet mercy... I have been soooo patient. :)

~ dk blue ftls
~ green docker pants...
~ red shirt... yes... that's green pants and red shirt. (once a year baby!!)
~ strange tie... not sure if it goes, but there's red in it so... whatever.
~ waste almost an hour at work having a huge blah blah session with this woman that (as it happens) used to work where I used to work, and she lives in a house sorta near where we're moving ... with her FIVE kids... and well... it was just a wow moment to talk to her for a bit... so many of the same "house building" things going on.
~ figure out how to make a report for the client boss out of what's been going on over the last month...
~ think of something for the last two people on my shopping list... (sigh... Oh, I know... I should have been buying this stuff in Cape Cod last summer!!!)
~ watch the last half hour of 40 year old virgin... (Love The Movie!)
~ for some relief to come to the house of sylvidoptera!!! get better sugar...
~ good luck to girleegrrl on the first day back!!!
~ and more of that "get healthy" talk for whatilove!!!!

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday little miss busy... I'm sure your out there somewhere... so, that_one_girl, have a wonderful birthday and a great year!
and to kaifawn as well... happy birthday sugar!!! and may all your projects (!!!) meet with no social opposition. :) (ps. good luck especially with the impending birth!!! :D :D :D)

Dear Tucker Carlson;
Regarding your opinion that Canada is like the retarded cousin that comes over at thanksgiving... I wanted to suggest that perhaps you've spent so much time with your head inserted in the Republican Rectum that you're perhaps seeing things less clearly than you otherwise would if, you know... you didn't have shit in your eyes. I think the play of international politics, foreign affairs, and national responsibilities in an interdependent world kind of paints things like Canada as the sane Thanksgiving host that has to put up with Uncle Bill the crazy fucker. Uncle Bill, going around the world to find more people to be pissed off at (blow up, burn down, and ... re-build at a serious profit), ignoring the destruction of the planet, adding to it with emissions insanity, and a strange need to flex bully style. Tucker, you're a Bush apologist... as ass of the very worst pimply sort.

JUMP!!! [ :: no I mean, really... JUMP!!!!! :: ]

There is nothing quite so helpful as the holiday season, with little blinky lights, and christmas candles burning in windows and hearts, to shed light on the sadness that hides within or close by. Some days are good for embracing the darkness, while others are better for avoiding. But the holiday season is a time best used for celebrating the chance we all have to live and be free. Understanding and then banishing the slings and arrows of fortunes cruelty is a job we can all share and often ... just share with someone close by. Everybody has their something... and everyone has a smile hiding somewhere.

Five days to go! :) Enjoy your Tuesday. :D :D
See ya.

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Day is done... :)

~ anyone know about kitchen steamers? Not the "on the counter rice steamer" variety, but the ... "beside the wall oven" really fancy ass Steamers.

~ what is the deal with ALIAS....???? has it been on?

~ every now and then I fuck up a keystroke... usually involving the "alt" key... and PRESTO... all the key mappings are messed up. I've only recently realized that whatever I do, switches the geek from ENGLISH US to Italian (Italian and several other languages are - for some unknown dumb ass reason - on the list of available languages installed on my work laptop. So... shift-' to get the "~" becomes a back "pipe" and blah blah blah ... insanity. The problem is... that I don't watch when I type... well, at least, not all the time... so I look back and GAHHHHHHHHHHH! WTF?? a screen full of weirdness. No idea what I press to get there... (Italian key mappings) but I have to mouse click the language glyph and reset it to ENGLISH US.

k... now it's time to go and try to get home a bit earlier than usual... well, not so much home... but en'route. I want to stop and buy tickets to a play at the local theater (Dragon Slayer at the Ron Maslin Playhouse) for a showing between christmas and newyears. Truly good family fair... to see live musical plays with your kids... is the stuff of inspiration. :)

See ya.
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marginally interesting...

I had dropped potato chips about 12 months ago? and peanuts about 8 on the anecdotal evidence of my observations tracked in my headache journal (just a way to track what I eat, experience, medicins etc. and my headaches).
In the last few days I've totally verified that these steps were spot on!
Two handfulls (hands - full / handfulls?) of cashews at the party the other night.... headache during the following day. Needed advil just to get by and it was over by the dinner hour.
Tonight... when giving the boys a snack... I hand-to-faced some very yummi hostess bbq chips. Just a small handful... and in about 30 minutes I'm massaging the very sore spot on the back of my neck and head... it came on like gangbusters and receeded just as fast... but left a little ouch behind.

Nuts and chips... totally off my diet forever.
... and I fricking love cashews.