December 19th, 2005


Monday, December 19

Crazy beautiful again today... sunshine but ... brrrrr ... bazzingly cold. I wore a suit for... no good reason but that translates into not wearing my big warm ski jacket. Oh well... I'll shiver under my "car blanket" while my little civic heats up. I have a great blanket in my car and I typically drive home with it over me... tucked. :)

A week from today, it'll all be over except the day old turkey burps...
Will you have found new reasons to smile?
Will there be new memories of family and friends heaped up in your mind, swimming with laughter?
Perhaps you'll be remembering a wonderful meal and remarkable desserts?
Or a whirlwind of gift paper flying everywhere... giggling children, drunk with excitement and anticipation?
Then again... you're hallmark moments will be formed by the hearth... with your love in your arms and a wee grin on your face?... hmmm?

It's a week away.
Take a moment today...
Tonight or maybe tomorrow, to just think...
Is there something you could do... some small thing...
That would bring a taste of this seasons joy to the heart and life of someone less fortunate?
A wonderful life can give you great smiles and many memories.
But to truly earn that smile... to come by those memories honestly...
It is incumbent upon those with means to be reminded that they are in the minority.
If you can read this... you are in the top 10% of the people on the planet.
Reach out... even just a little.
There is no effort you can make that is without merit.
Life is for living and love is all about sharing.
Help someone live better by sharing just a small bit of your love.

~ black stripee ftls
~ black suit... (actually fits nice, even on a "fat day"...)
~ screamingly bright white dress shirt
~ teddy bear tie... no really... covered with bears... :D
~ early meeting with client boss ... getting sorted on a proposal to be extended here... (it's a "yeah" thing)
~ two more meetings over the day and a new visio diagram to get finished...
~ tonight? hmm... haven't thought that far ahead, but if I don't watch 40 year old virgin soon, Blockbuster will force me to buy the movie...
~ thatthingido camera
~ eleven hugs out to ninneviane
~ crayolaphoenix truck gods... heater
~ that there is a light somewhere, to shine on sushie_shuakhwe!! :D
~ good health to find the house of pixiecup
~ and may the phone ring!! (er... for distortedgirl !! :D :D :D

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday oh absent and ever so distant maxlee. I know you're still out there, so please accept my birthday wish for you and the year ahead. Be happy and healthy sugar. :)
And landmark !!!!! Happy Birthday Rob... A lot - a huge lot !!! - has happened in the last year with you... so please let me wish that the year ahead brings you less drama and much more on the fun-loving side of life. You're a remarkable man Rob and I hope the year ahead brings you great happiness and good fortune.

Post George Poopie Head Radio Address: Well now... America is just one big happy schmappy friend zone... heck with all those Iraqi friends you have out there... You know, the ones that would be so let down by an untimely American Pull Out. This, of course, is a fairly loose definition of the word "friend". In this case, the friends are the people that had their city bombed back to the stone age, hundreds of thousands of their citizens killed and then - out of pure friendship - there is the promised to spend an undefined amount of time paying vast sums of money to Haliburton to rebuild that bombed out country, try desperately to not get blown up in regular suicide bombings and... oh, did we mention the flowing Oil? Yeah, there's that too.
A friend indeed.

I get the very strong impression that Steven Harper and the Progressive Conservatives will form the next government in Canada. Sad but true... unless Ass Monkey... er wait, that's an insult to monkeys... unless Smack Head Harper does some really stupid thing... his party could just ride the current vibe to a minority government.
Please note: The PC party will not do that willingly. They will (prediction time) work tirelessly to raise some punk issues to try and get enough shit flying through the air to catch a majority vote. This wont happen and it will be messy... but Martin and the Liberals are looking mightily pained of late. Still ... there's 20 some days before the election. A lot can happen.

It's worth noting that for one person to pursue a serious personal interest... they need to be supported by their partner and family. It pays to thank them every now and then for their sacrifice and commitment to helping you realize your goals.

Have a wonderful Monday... tick tick tick... er... ho ho ho... :D
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