December 18th, 2005


Sunday, December 18

(k... pic then shower...)

Holy incridi day ... sunshine... glorious sunshine and everything is beautiful and white... !!

We'll be trimming our tree... and dressing up the house for christmas... some groceries, and then, if my headache is much reduced... tobogganing... :D

We had a very busy day yesterday... play play play play!!! :D

Snow forts and giant snow piles... snow volcanoes and snow caves... basically... it's all about the snow. :)

Suz and I went out to our semi regular get together with the "other two couples"... Each couple has two boys with the same age dif as Geo and Ed and the oldest's are all lined-up a year apart... (does that make sense?) Bottom line; we all go through the same trials and tribulations as parents at around the same time. :) Makes for interesting conversations. :) It was a really nice night... with way too much wine consumed by the drinkers and lots of yummi snacks. And strangely, both the husband and wife hosts separately checked me for a thong... ar ar ar... (oh my god is that a long story!) Regardless... a wonderful night... it got quite late and my folks were babysitting. :) (Love!!! LOVE that I live so close to my family!!!)

~ black ftls
~ old ripped jeans...
~ b.u.m. conflicted long sleeve shirt... thinks it's a short sleeve short... strange.
~ Z was up and off to "running room" at 8:00.
~ me and the boys watched the "remake" of Planet of the Apes at 9:00 and now?
~ so... laundry folding...
~ tree trimming...
~ grocery getting
~ tobogganing!
~ dinner making
~ and ... hopefully, watching "40 year old virgin" tonight with z... the dvd is sitting on the kitchen counter waiting... :D
~ for friends with job woes... find calm
~ that friends fighting colds... find warmth
~ and those still searching for right pair of arms... are held tightly, and soon!

Birthday moment...
Yesterday was zenblossom62's birthday!! I'm not sure where yer at... but where ever it is... may you be finding happiness and I hope you have a wonderful year ahead.!!

// If only there was a way to reach those that are challenged by the holiday season, and offer the right words... the right help... the kindness that would make a difference. Life makes this kind of wish difficult to fulfill, so the people that want to help... search... and the people that need help... reach.
All that remains is the hope that hands find one another in the darkness.

I ate two hand-fulls of Cashews at the "get together" last night.
Today... vast and painful headache. sigh.

Have a great sunday !!!

(no subject)

Dear Gamer Collective...

~ advice... info... needed.

My 14 year old nephew is gunning for Worlds of Warcraft for christmas.
His mom (my SIL) is fixing to buy it.

She upgraded their home pc last year... she bought a decent Dell P4 (socket 775 3.0 ghz) and the video is an xpress ATI of some sort or another that came with the dell.

What are the minimun spec's they can get away with for the game... ?? I mean, I know I can read the web site or the box and see the published specs... but what does your experience tell you is min?
What about the game itself? It's it spot on or bug city?
Has it been taken over by the uber-lords yet? or is it still noob playable?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. :D