December 15th, 2005


Amazing Race 8 Update!!

Amazing Race 8 Update!!

Yo MOM! Wake The Fuck Up!

It's all about... Beaver, aka Captain Fucking America, dragging his delusional family around by their asses. Oh, and they all zoom through Canada... without stopping for beer or a toque. Confusion reigns among the Linz and Branson families and the only non-Haitian, non-francophone cab driver in the province of Quebec goes all Florence Nightingale on the Weavers. So Captain America, Florence and a healthy lead into the land of the Beaver... and what position do the Weavers end the race in?

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Thursday, December 15.

Coworker dude just showed up with his four week old little baby girl... mom is at the dentist and he's subbing in. She's an adorable little brown baby... and boy was she crying. :) I had my headphones on... typing here... and I could hear her... which is basically like giving me a shot of adrenaline. I had wee nugget in my arms, squeezed in close, doing the deep knee bends in seconds. :) (she stopped crying... and I smiled and drank in new baby smell like a drug!!!). sigh.

It's fricking stupid cold out... but that's not really important... because it's gonna snow. A few centimeters tonight... (centimeters... is what everyone on the planet calls shorter-than-an-inch lengths... except people in america) ... and then ... like 30 cms tomorrow. Winter is picking up speed.

Geo and I baked kifli batch number 1 last night. :) he's so into it ... :D :D.
I sent some with suz to her office and brought a bunch in for a "pot luck" lunch today at work... some for each of the kids teachers... and then, we make a new batch of the pastry tonight and more cookies tomorrow night. :) [ :: Kifli... goooooood. :: ]:)

ps. today is pizza day at the kids school... and daddy loooooooooooooves pizza day. :) :D :D :D :D (don't have to make lunches)

~ dk blue ftls
~ black ... well, treacle, kinda cargo pants
~ super dark blue... so, basically black, b.u.m. dress shirt... short sleeves
~ nice warm black (with a red stripe) ski sweater. :)
~ write up a proposal for my client boss...
~ pot luck lunch with coworkers... (I brought Kifli).
~ tonight? dig out all the christmas boxes... Painter dude is gonna be all day today and tomorrow... and then we'll see... sigh.
~ ... well, that painter dude was done... that'd be nice.
~ for the peace of the holiday season to find sleep_walker and let her enjoy some of the time that is ticking away...
~ that fragbert is feeling a little better today... !!!!
~ and for far fewer little visitors for yupjustme!!!!!!

Birthday moment...
K... I made a big deal out of wishing wolfiegirl a happy birthday yesterday... but I was um... you know... a day early. :) Happy Birthday Nikki Stacks. :)

President Poopie Head comes on the radio yesterday saying that he admits "we went into a war in Iraq on the strength bad intelligence." He then goes on to say that if he had a big "do over" he'd still have done it... because after 911 America had to address the threat that Iraq posed to it's safety. I just do not understand how this continues to be possible. I mean, it's almost boring to rant on about how Iraq had nothing to do with the 911 attacks... and, in fact, it was a bunch of Saudi's ... so America attacks Iraq and goes to have afternoon tea with the Saudi's. I mean, Sadam was a fuck nut... no question, but wtf man??? Thousands of american sons and daughters dead and tens of thousands injured... in an unjust, illegal, and an ultimately "ooops" war... and the man who started it all can't bring himself to apologize. Iraq needs massive infrastructure rebuilding... because America blew it all up. THE DECIMATED THE COUNTRY. Look at your own cities downtown core next time you drive by and imagine it being bombed relentlessly for a month... Imagine!!!! Water systems, electricity, hospitals, public and post secondary schools... BOMBED TO SHIT... thousands upon uncounted thousands... dead in the streets and blown to smithereens... phosphorus bombs setting entire communities on fire... and I do mean the people... And it was all "based on bad intelligence."

Lets be perfectly clear... the "bad intelligence" is just a way of saying "Bush is stupid".

Iraq votes again today... and according to Poopie Head, this will bring about a lasting and model democracy that will serve to inspire the middle east.
And then pigs will fly out of his ass.

There will be no end to the number of returning soldiers from Iraq who can honestly explain the good work they were doing and the happiness of the people they were doing it for. Re - read part one above. Anything is better than having your cities bombed. And "good work" though it may be... there are plenty of places around the world - let alone in the United States - that could use a little "good work".
What we have here... is a national guilt trip.

Tribute to my friends pages:
~ from beachdog's journal - Excellent quote from Joe Theismann: "Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein."
~ from greenwavedave's journal - a great link to a Penn & Teller vid in Google Video: [ :: Bible Bullshit :: ]

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does anyone use a good xp mini app that puts an automagically updatine weather thingy that sits in your system tray?
I was thinking it'd be a google thing but I haven't seen in the google-sphere.