December 12th, 2005


Monday, December 12

Sunshine... because, you know, it's monday... so why be a gray snowy day. Nope... sunshine and nature waggling little come-hither fingers at me. sigh.
We watched the Survivor Finale last night... I'll write an "Update" later... but you know... it's totally bad that they delay the start of something like that because of a football game. I mean... what percentage of people that are watching... are taping???? and if you're taping... then ... well you're screwed with they start it early... 'cause your vcr or PVR ends at 10 and the show... keeps going till 10:20. Oh my god... imagine??? I mean, no problemo for me... I caught it before it was over and set my PVR to take non-stop... So it all worked out, but ... ug! Evil TV gods.

~ black ftls...
~ dk blue dockers... despite a week of a liquid diet, I'm not small 'nuf to like my size 32 really fricking nice dress pants... sigh.
~ white t, maroon dress shirt and a blue tie...
~ up early ... extra early... Z has to be at work ssssssuper early, so I'm doing the morning... which includes meeting with painter dude at 8:15 and then splitting for work.
~ two meetings before lunch... busy busy... and an afternoon of planning.
~ tonight? write about Survivor finale and ... relax.
~ my #$%ing hosting company wasn't so fricking slow... they've hooked me in with affordability, ... and now they're dangling the "for faster service upgrade" carrot...
~ ok.... just talked to Hosting Company... and they say they're working on a known problem with the server I'm on... so we'll see.
~ for some sweet relief to find it's way to dailymom...
~ to send some good vibes out to my friend lynspin... just 'cuz. :)
~ that reeris could feel my smiles from where she is...
~ and that _angelight_ stays warm... :)

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday boogierock... May you enjoy the year ahead and enjoy good health and happiness as the days tick by. :D

gonna talk about guns in a while... but not yet... I'll save that for later. :)
for now... let me just say that watching the political parties try and get the average Canadians attention with one big announcement after another is just hilarious. None of them can afford the crap they're talking about ... so it's all just so many empty promises... Tax cuts that they dress up like a Child Care policy, Gun Control that does nothing but feed the anti-control movement, and ... the way they all tea-bag president Bush - even when they're trying to look all strong and opinionated - is just pathetic. You know what I'd like to see? I'd like to see an elected Canadian political official... tell the US where to get off on their unfair trade practices and SHUT DOWN THE WATER SUPPLY that we so generously provide. SHUT IT DOWN... make 'em thirsty... make 'em play frigging nice for a change.

If you want to teach your kids a lesson about "clean"... it doesn't do any good to set them on the "weekly chore" schedule to clean whatever it is. No. The right way is to set them on it ... every single day - and it doesn't matter if it's dirty or not... but every single day for two weeks. For example; washing the counter in the kids bathroom... I'm talking clothes, spray cleaner, hot water... the whole nine-yards. Have you child wash it ever single night for two weeks before story time. Works - in my opinion - for any child from 5 years to 15... They wash it every night... and they start to draw the link between that sloppy toothpaste moment and the challenge of cleaning. The "every day" thing is central to getting them to see the relationship between their actions and the cleaning. If they have to (i.e.) clean the bathroom once a week, or something... that just removes guilt and doesn't address any new understanding of why the place gets dirty.

Saw Shakira on SNL this weekend. She's kinda funny looking... cute... great hips and she can do that latin dancing chick thing like sixty... but forget about all that... I just fricking love her voice. She can sing to me in spanish all day (she does, actually... I have two albums of spanish language songs on my play list). Ok... Yeah, know I was on about Fiona Apple last week... I'm still on Fiona. Fiona, Shirley, Shakira, Suzanne Vega, Crow, Kate Bush, Siberry, sigh... I'm such a sucker for a female lead... oh oh ... and do you grok Shakespear's Sister? They did that song Stay...
[ :: Download Shakespears Sister : STAY from you-send-it :: ]
Now those girls could sing!!!

K... that's my schtick... :) have a great day. :D :D :D
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guns guns guns...


The federal liberal party made a big announcement about banning hand guns.
This is a complex issue... let me try to make some sense of it... and explain my point of view.

I'll start with my point of view.
The so called BAN does not go far enough... no even close. The ownership of a hand-gun should be utterly and completely outlawed in Canada. Zero... We stop participating in any Olympic or other sport that requires the shooting of a hand gun, revoke licenses for Gun Clubs that deal with hand guns, deregulate the licensing of the hand-guns and outlaw them, order all licensed gun owners to turn over the weapons, (compensate them - of course) and make it a STRAIGHT TO ONE YEAR IN JAIL for being in possession of a hand gun. END IT. NOT A SINGLE LICENSED GUN OUTSIDE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT ANYWHERE IN CANADA. This will require significant federal investment in the buy back process... increased spending on law enforcement to FIND the guns that are here now... and a dramatic increase in border patrol initiatives to stop the flow of illegal guns into Canada from the US.

Something like 80% of the guns used in crimes in Canada arrive illegally in this country from the United States. I realize that a law like this would punish law abiding Canadians for something criminals are doing and doesn't directly address the actual problem. To this I say... yeah? so what? It's fun to shoot a gun... it's fun to fly a F-18 and fire a sidewinder into a target too... but that's illegal. You're not allowed to own a loaded missile carrying fighter jet in Canada. It may be fun to shoot the guns but tough fricking shit. Find something else that's fun to do... mk? The laws have to set the pace... and then enforcement can follow suit, tightening up borders and imports.

Now let me explain.

First of all... this is Canada... not the United States of I Want My Gun. I realize the genie is out of the bottle in the US. Denying the average citizen in a major US city the right to own a hand gun, is just asking them to become a victim. Fine... good for you. Enjoy your guns... enjoy your Texas Good Citizens License (aka Concealed Carry License). ... but just because things are so fucked up in the US that everyone thinks they need a gun to be safe from ... whoever... it does not follow that Canada has to plan on being the same way.

We have urban centers that are suffering increases in gun violence today... Toronto to name one... I know that a ban on hand guns will have little impact on the illegal guns that come in and get into the hands of the criminals. I realize Criminals do not go to Bobs Gun Emporium And Chewing Tobacco to buy the gun they're gonna use when they knock over the liquor store ... I don't care really. It's bad now... but if we don't act decisively soon, it's going to be as bad as it is in the US any day now.

A total and complete ban on hand guns... begins the path towards reducing the number of Guns in this country. Ending all uses for a hand gun outside of law enforcement means that there is no more ambiguity about gun issues... "have a hand gun? go to jail". Keep it simple.

You need a gun? Get a shot gun... get a riffle. Fuck... get yourself a big pink fully automatic AK47 for all I care... BUT NO MORE HAND GUNS. Shit... stop blowing all this cash on a "Gun Registry" in Canada and turn that money over to law enforcement.

I realize there are all kinds of issues ... for example... just what is a hand gun and does a riffle become a hand gun when you cut the stalk and shorten the barrel? Look ... whatever. You can come up with all kinds of issues but I say stop sucking the swelling cocks of the gun enthusiasts and be draconian about it... make nasty laws and pay for the enforcement.


This... "get rid of hand guns" deal... will never fly. The government in power - that is facing an election to hold power - just announced a plan to outlaw hand guns. Then they add ... "except for registered gun clubs, sport shooting...etc. etc. etc." And, considering the existing tough legislation already on the books in Canada regarding the licensing of hand guns... it really doesn't actually add anything.

Nothing short of a total ban with vast resources dedicated to law enforcement to find and confiscate the illegal guns will have any impact at all and EVERYBODY knows that no government will actually dedicate that kind of money to this issue.

So the reality is... the announced hand gun control is dumb ass... and voters should not be fooled into thinking it's offering any kind of control or defense. It will waste a great deal of taxpayers money being an ineffective new law and will only serve to increase the flow of illegal guns into Canada from the US. In fact, people should stand up against the proposed gun law because in the very least case... it offers stupid false hope.

Therefore the bottom line is... down with the proposed hand gun control.