December 9th, 2005


Friday, December 9

It's all about the snow...

It's snowing like sixty out there. My cam's pointing out my window, although it never does the nasty weather justice.
But I'm in a big wicked rush... so I gotta split! :)
~ black ftls
~ two tone blue / fake "layer" white shirt...
~ blue jeans... [ :: kind of a casual day... :: ]
~ to leave in a moment...
~ pic up two other little munchkins...
~ drive to their school...
~ sign some forms...
~ take kids, along with a big ol line of cars... to the theater. :)
~ then, after The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, kids go back to school, and I go to work. :)
~ a handful of wishes for ladymeg1... just 'cuz she's such a sweety. :)
~ to say... yeah! Red... out to cockermom
~ and a big Hey, Hi! to wrldtravlr2

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday krizsa !!! Little miss Picture. :) I hope you have a lovely year ahead and find more than enough chances to express yourself and capture the world around you.
And a big HB as well, to fallingforward .... Mz Maggie... you are a treasure among my friends and I hope against hope that I can hold the tiny threads of our connection for a long time yet to come. May you have a wonderful year... and be safe and happy with wee sarah. :)

We lost Red last night... after a week of trying to get his little red body back to health... and a week spent swimming vertical... out first bhetta... passed away. :(
Blue is doing well, and will soon be joined by a new red buddy in the tank next door. :)
** flush **

K... I gotta git. ! :D
Have a great morning.

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** I posted this last night... and managed to post it to the Amazing Race community. :) oops. :D **

(so from yesterday...)

My darling Z was as impressed with the great outdoors on her drive to work as I was...
My drive took me over a hill and "down" into the Ottawa basin which passed through a remarkable display of "iced" trees and fog...
Z's drive is "intra - kanata", so was somewhat suburban... :)

But she had the wear-for-all to grab her camera and snap a few shots!!!
(click 'em for big stuff)