December 8th, 2005


Thursday, December 8

Handsome devil... aren't I. :) (ahhhhh! sorry. :D)
No really... one moment I'm smiling at the camera and the next... gah!

K, so if you don't live in the land of ice and snow...
there is something that you can never understand about it...
"it" being the weather and why people keep living up here...
And yes... I wanted desperately to be able to grab and show you pictures... but alas... earwax.
So let me explain.

It was very cold this morning... but it was kind of mild on the way through the night.
If it was summer... this would be a major foggy day. It's winter.. and it was still a foggy wake up.
But that means the clouds were at ground level... and when it "got cold" this morning...
EVERYTHING in the universe was covered with a layer of crystallized frost.
Every twig on the trees... ever needle on every bush... car antennas, windshields, road, shingles, bricks... everything.
Every little thing has a layer of brilliant white on it.
It's a cloudy day, but there's that dawn time when the sun is still rising up over the edge and it is in a place before clouds.
So sunshine was glittering off... everything.
I was driving down the road and it was like driving through a white tunnel.
It was ... simply lovely.

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk green dockers
~ white (nice ... kinda ribbed... stop! don't go there) t shirt
~ two tone blue and some other undefined colour dress shirt and a blue tie. :)
~ Up and at 'em ... work today... sore face and all...
~ make soup for lunch and pack it...
~ feed the boys, dress 'em up warm and shoo them off into the bright white.
~ work work work...
~ home and get sorted to enjoy thursday night... Things get progressively busier from here to christmas... sigh.
~ that good fortune smiles on the little sugar-tess... (geekgrrrl) and she (and Devon) gets the house they're after!!
~ to send some "work is over at 5!" and "life is live" vibes out to bitchcakes_xo... I hear ya sugar. :)
~ um... ladyfire??? Diving with sharks? well, then I wish for you to avoid big nasty shark bites. :o

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday miss absent... er... rising_ophelia! Where ever you are... I hope you're having a wonderful time and that you are able to enjoy the day. :)

K... read this linked article... (NYT). I can totally see the wife... running after the man and hollering for people to be calm and pointing out his illness... then watching as he is gunned down. By the same token, I have to wonder... how fucking retarded do you have to be to run through a US airport screaming about bombs and shit. [ :: US Air Marshals have a London Subway moment... :: ]

It all begs the question: What has become of us?
And leads me to observe: It's rather sad to think that the terrorists have already won so much ground that our police forces ... face this kind of problem. I'm guessing that the cop that pumped the five slugs in that guy is going to need a little counselling. sigh.

When you have to feel guilty about what you think... as opposed to what you actually do, then I would suggest that things are out of hand.

So I got - among the gazillion email notifications from LJ - a note reminding me that my "additional user icons" are gonna go on the 19th. (my "additional icon" package is expiring) sigh. I think I'll have to put a post with all the icons and have people vote ... see which ones I keep. :) I know which one everyone will say "get ride of that..." (Liquid)

k... I gotta git. :)
Have a wonderful day!!! :)

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mp3 request...

Fiona Apple : extraordinary machine (or any track off that new album... but I'm hankering for the title track. :D)

Edit: got it... :D

~ Beuler?

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~ fiona apple gives me goose bumps... (thank you ... you're all wonderful for feeding my desires... :D)

~ you gotta be some hot shit otherwise, to pull of Brooke Shields eyebrows... and no, that doesn't mean, "remove" her brows... geeze...

~ tomorrow morning ... instead of getting up and going to work... I'll be getting up and shaperoning a gang of grade 5 kids to TLWATW at the local AMC. The entire complex has been "rented" by the school board. Every Grade five student in the city will see that movie tomorrow. :) (and me!!! :D)

~ Dr. Phill's wife has demanded a divorce... after discovering that he's been having a homosexual, incestious relationship with their youngest son. Oh wait... he was only thinking about it?... well, gee doc... same thing... innit? Asswipe.

~ what?
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