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Wednesday, December 7

(still pretty swollen.... ug)

Sun... a remarkable amount of totally brilliant sun... considering how flipping cold it is out there... and (oh joy) it's going to DROP all day long, going down to -11 before they weather-morons factor in the "well it's only minus 11 but with the stupid rules we have for this kind of thing... oh, and the wind, it'll feel like -298" or something.
I suspect all the electrons in my body will be hard pressed to keep up the pace down in kelvin territory.

Seriously disjointed sentence to follow:

Geo is home with me today - I'm on an official "recovery" day... no logging into the office... no worrying about client stuff... nadda. I'm gonna go get my car (daddy is giving me a lift) at lunch - which reminds me ... I gotta call him - the mechanic, not dad - and see how much it's gonna be... grrrr! - and THE PLAN is to let Captain George stay here ... ALONE. (dun dun dun... <-- dramatic music). The law 'round these parts is that a kiddo can look after him/herself for short periods of time at 10, but cannot be left to care for anyone else (i.e. his little bro... who, btw, is at Carleton University today watching a play with his class... Cinderella... and Z is a parent-volunteer on this one - hence the need for daddy-o to drive me to the car). Now Geo has never done this before... so I have my doubts about him not deciding he wants to come... but we'll see. :)

MY MOUTH: is still bleeding... it's ick. I know I know...TMI... oh well... why suffer alone... No really, see the saliva is just dying to take on a little colour and the GAPING HOLE THE SIZE OF THE CRATER IN MOUNT ST. HELENS in my mouth seems to think "red" is the way to go. I can feel the stitches with my tongue (eat lately?). I'm kicking myself for not taking the tooth. She (nurse A) showed it to me... and I didn't make "oh goody, lets keep that" noises, so she chucked it... "IT" in this case, was five pieces of a giant tooth. When my cheek stops feeling like hell, I'll end up posting some horrific picture of the zone. I promise, I'll use a cut! :)

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans
~ gray t and very big warm sweater!
~ sit around in housecoat and drink not-steaming-hot coffee with my head tipped to the right trying to run the coffee along the right side and ... down the hatch. :)
~ that got boring... so I had a shower...
~ now I'm doing this... while Geo (home sick with cold) plays runescape beside me. (He's on a timer... at "ding" he goes back to "I'm sick, I need to stay home" bed.
~ write about AR later... :)
~ check guide to see what's what with Invasion and Lost tonight...
~ remember to take the antibiotic the doc gave me... evil tooth hole...
~ for a little relief to find it's way into the life and times of canuckgirl
~ and for goodness sake... may the 'get better' angels find their way to pixiecup!!!
~ that jjnslat lives out this adventure... and loves every moment of it.
~ and that hisbeauty finds her long underwear. :D

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday out to karla_jean :D I hope you're finding some fun lately and that the next year... keeps you healthy, happy and loved. :)

So, four things:
1. Dear Saddam-Refuses-To-Show-Up-To-Court Hussain; You don't like that you've not had a change of clothes for two days? You're refusing to go to court... because you ... don't like it? Dude... lets imagine the bloody feet of the iraq soccer team after losing a game and being punished by your son... Or perhaps one of the hundreds and hundreds of women you and your boys raped in your basement... I swear... it would be just fucking lovely if you returned to court with two black eyes, wearing a potato sack. Ass wipe.

2. Dear Rush Limbah... hahaha... is that how you spell his name? His comments on the blatant manipulation / propaganda put out by the "hostage takers" that displayed the Brit and US hostages in chains, standing and looking petrified, versus the two Canadians sitting, no chains, and eating fricking bon-bons... HOW TYPICAL. The fact that so many elements of the US press fall for this kind of thing is exactly why the US gets into so much flipping trouble around the world. I hope all four of them are released unharmed and that they get to tell their stories... however, I'm not banking on any of them living. Personally... why anyone would actually GO to Iraq without a gun being held to their heads is beyond me completely.

3. Dear Condolances Rice (you big stupid squank). Telling the world that US Policy has shifted and now states categorically that "No US representative will participate in torture in the US or in any place around the world." is pretty ridiculous... seeing as the Rendition program is set up so that US representatives don't actually have to do any of the dirty work. So it has been for years... except for the humiliation tactics in Abu Garab (or whatever) or Hotel-Guantanamo... which, is really stupid stuff anyways. No you guys leave the gun shots to the knees and endless beatings to the foreigners. You are so transparent Condi... "good condi... k'mere girl... sit up... come on... gimmi a paw...".

4. New Orleans... sigh.
[ :: New Orleans :: ]
(thanks for the link Vaun)

When a politician in Canada will get up and talk about setting up a reasonable tax credit for families that choose to raise their own kids I'll pay attention... but offering to pay for two days of day care per month ... and making like your a god for coming up with this brain wave... is just stupid.

you know ... it's kinda fun clicking send on a response to a comment from FOREVER AGO that LJ just got around to sending. hehe...

Have a great day guys and dolls... :)

Amazing Race 8 Update!!

Amazing Race 8 Update!!

Lott and his Daughters

It's all about... the Branson and Linz clans - with Daddy Lott lurching along behind the power-puff-girls, jockeying for first and second place. Comic relief from the Clan of the Trailer Bear Weavers and a kind of sad, pathetic slapstick routine from the increasingly stuuuuupid Godlewski girls.

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So... a couple of things...

~ go [ :: here :: ] which opens a new window to "gridskipper" and a photo contest... and while you're there... vote for bronxelf (because we should use our power for good! :D)

~ also... I'm reading this right... right? Lost is a repeat and Invasion is not even on? (sigh).

~ I'm getting nothing in the way of feedback on the [ :: Gallery :: ]. This is either because i'm just talking to myself (pin drop time) or it has a great giant suckage factor.
My hope was (is) to use that for a way to lay out the gazillion pictures I'm gonna have of the house as it's going from the "gem of an idea" stage to the "walk through here..." stage. So... feedback? Does the interface work for you? Does anything suck about it? :D :D gimmi. :)