December 6th, 2005


Tuesday, December 6

It's all kinds of [ :: beautiful outside :: ]... sunshine... snow everywhere... not thick snow yet... but everything's white. :)
It's cool but not f-f-f-f-freezing, and I've only had one cup of coffee today!!! finished it between 6:45 - 6:59. :)
Must fast after 7:00 grrrr!!

~ black stripee ftls
~ charcoal suit, screaming white shirt and a blue tie...
~ I even remembered to wear a pin... (lapel) It's one of those inuit way-point rock statue things... :)
~ Up early, iron shirt, dress / feed kids and boot 'em to the buss... forgetting their snow pants and feeling guilty about it all day.
~ zoom to drive Z to her office (my car went in last night...) and zoom across town to a meeting at my office.
~ pick up my "raffle" prize... a compaq armada 3 year old laptop... we'll see if the battery can hold a charge.
~ zoooooom to downtown... meet CIO dude at other client... turns out to be a boardroom thing with six people.... it goes great!!!! (no really)
~ then back to kanata... pick up Z, and... here I am. :)
~ next up... leave for dentist. sigh.
~ we'll see what happens after that...
~ Amazing Retarded Race is on tonight... I wonder who's car battery will be blown by a camera tonight...
~ I could blink and be done with the recovery my jaw is gonna need after this operation. grrrr!
~ I could sit and read my FP's for a while ... but alas... earwax.

Have a great day muchachos... y muchachas... and smile at someone. :) It'll make their day.
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Home again... ;)

~ got home at 3:30... went to bed.

The freezing is wearing a bit thin... I can feel more.

It went like this...
Arrive (z drop off) and kick back to read a mag while they get sorted...
Go back to a dentists chair that ... automagically moves making little buzzy noises until... it's flat.
Nurse A puts on a blood pressure strap thing on my left arm...
Nurse B puts an IV in my right arm.
Nurse A puts all these little electrode things on me... attached to a machine.
I ask "Is that the machine that goes 'buip'?"
Nurse A comments "well, it's not quite a 'buip'" and she reaches up to turn it on.
I look up - from my lying down position - to see a little techno brown box turn on and a 3x3 screen kick into life... and zzzzzonk.

~ strange memories of the doc actually taking the tooth out... disjointed... disconnected... no ouch... just them talking ... and digging around in my mouth.

Wake up on a little bed... apparently I was awake earlier when they moved me... but no memory of that.
Sleeeeeeeep is lovely.....

Z shows up ... Nurse B talks for a while about "post op care" and ... we're outti.

Now I'm spitting out big wads of gauze that ... are all bloody... I'm hungry like a fox... but, I cannot imagine using my mouth.
In fact... it's begun to hurt since I started writing this...
just take a pill you say?
Well if Wally-Land would ever fill the script!!!
Suz dropped it off at 3:23, on our way home, and she went 20 mins ago to find it still hadn't been filled. grrr!

Any ways... this is my night. :)