December 5th, 2005


Monday, December 5

Wake up... totally on time!!! Cup of coffee... shower... rousting the family... and letting little Edward stay snuggled.
My car sounds like all kinds of horrible and I seriously wanted tinted glass to avoid the looks I was getting. :) haha... poor exhaust system!!

Enough snow fell yesterday to blanket our world in the "not gonna melt till spring" snow. We'll see how true that is... but all the indicators are green that this is the official beginning of the eight month white out.

ps. I'm totally enjoying the short hair... (rubs head... makes no diff in hair, hahaha).

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ dk blue t and z'big p-z turtle neck!!
~ up and get Geo and I fed... get Ed dressed - and let him sleep. Z is driving him to my moms house where he will rest this morning.
~ drive my WAY NOISY car to work...
~ arrange to bring my car in tonight to get fixed tomorrow!!
~ two meetings today and I have to sort out more c-c-c-c-crap about getting this client goal accomplished.
~ enjoy my evening tonight... because... I want to.
~ for better health in the house of circlek...
~ that things are spinning right for my friend alma_perdida
~ I could see Shakira play in a small club.... and then later... nibble on her tummy. :)

CNN (et. al.): reporting on increased suicide bombings and renewed retaliatory rocket attacks in Israel...

Dear Everything About The Middle East... fuck off already.
No really... If we all stopped spending vast sums of money on brokering peace in the middle east... and into freaking Persia... I strongly suspect we could afford to have a reasonable tax break for stay at home moms, dramatically shorter lines at the food banks, affordable housing projects, clean water, and universal health care.
But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....
Every western leader since ... well since forever... has figured the only way "he" is going to end up on a gold coin somewhere is to negotiate with a bunch of hoods that call themselves statesmen because they just happen to come down out of the hills and put on a suit.
Ya know that old bit about one mans terrorist is anothers freedom fighter? Yeah, well I'm thinking it should go like "One mans freedom fighter is another mans big fucking waste of money!". Die already... or not... s'up to you... and it's not up to the idiots that we elect over here in the West. Sort your shit out please.

It is a sad process to face the realities of a life you never asked for... but there you are, alive... and lonely.
You may, indeed, be the singular mover of dust in your world, but you may also be surrounded by friends...
laying next to your spouse... or watching games unfold with your children...
yet feeling something altogether cold wrap around your heart, a loneliness like no other pain.
Everybody hurts... sometimes. (R.E.M.)
I know how you feel... as do most of the people near you that have grown up enough to have truly lived their life.
The rest are still living the life others have made for them. Their time will come.
Try to believe ... try to remember...
You're not alone... even if you're lonely.
And lonely doesn't last forever... only long enough to teach you something.
There-in lies the tender bits... Can you hang on long enough to find whatever lesson it is that you need,
and come to the other side?
Let lonely be a teacher,
Let life be more than a waiting area,
Let me hold your hands...
I will wipe your tears,
and be there when you're all done being lonely.
... because I love you... I always have.

re: the various childfree-radical communities... how does extolling the virtues of a life free from the burden of raising children turn into a complete and utter disdain for youth? If those people, in their youth, were afforded any portion of the attitude they present in those communities... I propose they would be singing a markedly different toon today. Wankers.

Have a brilliant day!!!
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