December 3rd, 2005


Survivor XI Update!!

Survivor XI: Guatemala!

The Cindy and Mindy Show

Where in... the restless, skinny white people get to buy other, fatter, white people. Someone goes from cartwheels to the exit ramp, and we get to see Rafe cry like a little girl. And speaking of girls... Cindy's twin sister is here and has eaten in the last month. :)

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hehe... kinda late. :)

~ had a nice evening... kid stuff, and - ta da!! - Edward is sick as a dog... real medicine tonight...
but we had a "Dinner and movie" night with "sky high" and burgers. :)

~ my car has suddenly become a tricked out 1968 mustang... or at least... sounds like one.
what exactly goes wrong from one moment to the next for the thing to get sooo throaty. :(
(off to mechanic again... grrrr!)

~ noticed 5th element starting when I went to collect a sleeping z from the sofa and bring her to bed.
... movie just ended. :) Now bed. !!

~ big dinner at a chinese resto tomorrow night to celebrate my da's b-day and, coincidently, my quazi BIL as well.

~ see ya sunday. :)