December 2nd, 2005


Friday, December 2

It's a full-on PD day today... (yesterday was a "half pd day") - one would expect those teachers to be darned right professional - and Geo is nothing but smiles 'bout that. :)

Me? Off to work as usual. It's a snowy day. Wet snow... clouds... gray'ness everywhere.
What I need... is to stay focused on sunny things. :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans.. . [ :: dear point zero... get in ma belli... :: ]
~ gray b.u.m. t with a p-z long sleeve shirt.. .and I only just now - as I typed that - realized I'm a p-z poster boy... sigh.
~ up... intending to sneak out letting everyone sleep... only to have the ever-loven-crap scared out of me by a wakeful Geo that pops into the can to say "hey".
~ big presentation at 10:30. More on that later...
~ getting "phase II" document templates sorted.
~ writing about Survivor at some point later...
~ maybe get caught up on Invasion.
~ kill oprah....
~ that snarky_angel's ring... stays together!!
~ for the very best of Madam Fortunes smiles to wash over ladymeg1... good luck tonight!!
~ that blonnie gets to go home early (1)
~ for blonnie to have a quick start on her weekend. (2)
~ that the weekend would just hurry up and start for blonnie (3) (that's three wishes sugar!)
~ to just send some random "hey" out to mentalconundrum ... just cuz. :D

Birthday Moments....
Happy Birthday my western bro!!serpah... You've had such a roller coaster of a year... May the one ahead bring you clarity, reward and keep your family in the best of health. :)
and happy birthday my little music mistress... :D (minarets)... You're a good girl little sugar-cack... have a wonderful birthday.
Hey weatherblonde... 's been almost a year... so I'm guessing... you're gone! :) Happy birthday anyways sugar... :D
and happy birthday _jamielynne_... OO :) haha...

So without the really great 1960's back track... would anybody really give a shit about Kanye West talking to a microphone and calling it a song?

[ :: rocketboom :: ] today...just do it.

There's a lot to say... but there are so few words.
How can words explain the dance of a mind?
When will there be time to stand still?
There must be a million ways to melt a heart...
But all that seemed to matter was that you called me Honey.

K... see ya.
Enjoy your Friday.
~ and make someone else's Friday memorable... smile at someone you hardly know.
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