November 27th, 2005


Sunday, November 27

'allo Snow White... I crush your head!!!! :D

Ok... maybe "ug" is too general. :)

Long day yesterday... up, play, clean stuff and go get new blue prints. :D
Exciting. I'll post a more "detailed image" of them versus the last ones... patience. :)

We went to look again at appliances. I'm actually stumped (for the time being) on weather or not to take on the expense of a wall over / cook top deal versus a really nice range... Range comes with us if we ever move out and the others... stay. The others are... at least a 25% more expense proposition... but ... ohhhhh so much nicer to build a kitchen around. The induction thing... still cool... but I'm not sure. We ran a gas line to the stove zone in the kitchen (on the plans - hence we pay $) so ... I'm also really kinda keen to use gas. But the "cook top" versions of "gas" don't have the dual flame things... only a single ring of fire on the "sealed burners". Issues and complexity.

Does ANYONE have a gas cook top... ??? what's good and what's bad about it?


It was a snowy, mild day yesterday... today... more of the same. Gray... overcast... white landscape and ... with the weather set to warm up tomorrow... it'll all be gone. It will - no doubt - be replaced within a week, with another big honking storm. Tiss the season.

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans
~ two in one goofy b.u.m. shirt... :)
~ job jar ... two bathrooms and the garage.
~ cooking a chicken... vertical cook thing. :D
~ try to get Byean Sun (tiny kid in "Kicking and Screaming" - the lesbian couples child) out of my head... hahaha... "I have determined that if we need to... we will eat Byean Sun first..." bwaahahahaha... gah!
~ for something wonderful to wrap around justvisiting. :)
~ and to send some smiles... some quiet wishes... out to notcharming... just 'cuz. :)

Birthdays... :D (all from Yesterday November 26)
dailymom May your house fill up with healthy people!!! :D Happy birthday Toy and I do sincerely hope that the year ahead brings you good fortune and keeps you surrounded with love. :)
And Amy !! topazgrrl Happy Birthday miss captain of industry... I wish you the greatest success with your business and may the year hold you in the best of health and guard your happiness like it was the crown jewels of england!! :)
Happy Birthday Super-D (psychomagnet). Miss 10,000 watt smile ... and nothing but amazing. :) May you have a wonderful birthday... and I do hope the year ahead brings much peace in your home... calms the restless spirits that live there... and that you are one happy, well loved, and healthy little donna. :)

When a celebrity decides to "use their power for good"... the results can be rather mixed.
On the one hand... Angelina Jolie ... doing great things. On the other... Bruce Willis offing a million dollars for the capture of ... I dunno? who is it now? Osama I think. Pawwlesse. Go exfoliate and shave your ankles some more there Bruce. (check out his ankles on the image at [ :: this web page :: ]

I'm messing around with 4ImagesGallery. But I may be fooling myself about getting it to "look and feel" the way I want it to... Anyone have any exp with this product? My only-started-gallery implementation is at (hugely "in flux" site... patience).

Ok... I just got off the phone with one of Edwards little school friends... coming over to visit soon. :)
Must bake some cookies or something. :)
See ya.