November 25th, 2005


Friday, November 25

yeah... well wanted to leave my friday pic as (don't look if you're eating) [ :: This One :: ] but I just couldn't bring myself to do it... holy flippen lips yo! :D

It's c-c-c-c-c-cold ... sunny and lovely... but -13 with a wind chill so it feels like -20 (which will confound me all winter long... if it "feels like it's precisely -20" then you're measuring it... if you can measure it... then it's what it is... -20) And the Weather Idiots are saying it'll be +11 on Monday.!!!! +11 gah.

We broke out the new columbia ski jackets (kick'en warm jackets) for the boys that we bought at the "end of season sale" last year. :D They look great... and I know they're warm. :D :D

ps. I made blueberry muffins last night... fresh -frozen berries- and ... the recipe calls for 3/4 cup of water. I used the water I soaked the blueberries in... so we have blue muffins. Literally blue! Kids loved it. :D haha...

~ green ftls
~ beige p-z jeans... [ :: and yes, it's friday and I'm a git :: ]
~ gray t, beige dress shirt and a green very thin but warm sweater. :)
~ busy day...
~ negotiate time with my "other" client
~ finish a doc template and start a power-point presentation of the first report...
~ write about Survivor later tonight...
~ that jenbibi remembers to call her doc and make an appointment!!
~ to send a bit of a smile out to no... just 'cuz.
~ to point out that danicia... and fragbert... are nice? big nice... I like... :D
~ and to extend a hand of patient friendship... to my brother across the big water... ayoub.

Birthday moment...
Have a happy birthday sweet paleltlspider... may the year keep you healthy, your heart keep you happy and your friends keep you... company. :D

Tracy Chapman wrote and sang a song back in the 80's called "Revolution". It's a great song. She has a wonderful voice...
However! I was listening to the song the other day...
The line "poor folks are gonna rise up ... " etc, just seems like a concept that has faded away.
Maybe in some south american country where the bandits come down out of the hills to over throw the corrupt government just so that in five years new bandits can come down out of the hills and over throw the corrupt government... But around here? In the UK? Not gonna happen. The time in history when the downtrodden masses of underprivileged or disenfranchised could rise up and affect social change... seems to have passed.
Imagine if those riots in France had become even worse than they were? The military was THIS CLOSE >>>!!<<< to stepping in a cracking some heads.
Modern weapons, modern military and police forces... and modern government agendas that seem bent on solving the worlds problems at the expense of letting local problems become infected... seems to say to me that there is no way the powers that be would let a "poor folk gonna rise up" protest get anywhere.

To watch... to talk, listen and offer up support... to friends here, who - for lack of a better description - basically "grew up" over the last five years... going from teenage pursuits to the struggles of a twenty something looking for the proper doors into life... ranks among the top five reasons I come back... day after day... to try and find my breath among so many voices. There are a few ... a handful... of friends that have so clearly moved from one season of their life to the next and it is the stuff of magic to share in such things. No amount of appreciation, no words of thanks, can adequately represent my feelings in this... but I know what love is, and I'm so not afraid of it. I love you ... as i would love any member of my extended family.

It's U2 Night in Ottawa. Everybody who is going... is supposed to wear White to make a "world poverty protest".
Just saying... if everybody that's going contributed some money to a local shelter, local food cupboard... LOCAL!!!!... it would do more good than wearing a white shirt to the concert you paid $200 for a ticket to.

And speaking of music... I finally heard a song from Fiona Apple's new album. It was the song "Extraordinary Machine". I heard it and thought it was a 1940's recording... and instantly thought... "oh man... Fiona Apple sounds just like this woman..." hahaha... I am well and truly in love with her voice. I simply adore it. It's like a drug to me.

K... time to get down to it. :)
Have a grand friday...
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