November 23rd, 2005


Wednesday, November 23.

That's my geek beenie baby... :) He's as old as my journal. :)

Holy freaking cold... gah!!! and yes, I know it's a whole lot colder when the darkest bits of winter arrive... but as we switch over from fall to brrrrrr... well, it's just darn cold man. Ten below zero... but then the wind kicks in and it feels like -18... and brotha... it was windy this morning.

I had to be up and out early today... so we all zoomed through the breakfast deal and ba-zing... out to a c-c-c-c-c-cold car.

The Weather-idiots are calling for a couple of cm's of snow today... (an inch) and for 10 more tomorrow... sigh.

~ black ftls
~ black cargos
~ gray t, red golf shirt, and a black sweater with a red stripe. :)
~ quick morning thing...
~ early meeting at work.
~ keep on keep'en on with the new doc layout stuff...
~ off at 2:15 to go to the dental surgeon for the "rip out my jaw" consultation.
~ write about AR at some point... :D
~ something for debby... :D :D hahaha...
~ tonight? LOST and INVASION are both new!!!!!
~ that all is well in the world of my long time friend acoolsecretary... :)
~ I could squeeze ladyfire's hands for a minute.
~ that my editor... willedit has a safe journey.
~ in fact... all my friends that are on Thanks Giving adventures... (US Tg) Please be safe and enjoy. :)

Birthday moment... :)
Happy birthday nosetips ... where ever you are...

The land currently available for sale in "I Told You So Town" is getting mightily expensive. Georgie Poopie Head is riding the highway to hell in the polls and various news nets are talking about a proposed pull out. And when Georgie pulls out, you gotta know it's gonna mean something altogether different than any kind of pulling-out while Clinton was doing the oval deal. And as for Iraq... dude there is no hope in hell that they will ultimately be an organized, independent, democratic state. The Anarchy Clock is ticking ...

ps. The largest known reserve of Oil in the WORLD is in Alberta, Canada. Fancy that...

Ok... ladies... are you wearing a pant suit today? possibly the matching jacket? Look at the cuffs on your sleeves...
Are there three buttons there... unused, purely decorative buttons?
Do you work in an office?
If you answered yes the last two questions... you need to... get... rid... of... those... fucking... buttons.
I swear I was ready to reach across the board table and rip the buttons off her jacket...
clickety clack... clack clack click clack... click clack moo... gah!!!!!!

Place one child in a room with shelves along one wall covered from floor to ceiling with cool, new, old and whatever... toys. Place another in a similar room but this one only has three toys on the vast shelving unit. Which child will play happily for an hour and which one will be frustrated, crying, stressed and generally ... "a hand full"?
Place one adult male in a bar surrounded with big, little, attractive, average, and drop dead wowza women. Place another in a coffee shop with an average looking girl working as a server and ... no other customers. Which one goes home with a phone number?
There are big lessons here...

Want to have a wonderful day?... make someone elses day wonderful.
You'll see... :D
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so for ninety bucks... he'll explain how he's gonna rip out your tooth
drill holes in your head, insert things... and attach things to ... the thing he inserted.

for the low low price of three hundred and eighty bucks... he'll go so far as to actually rip out the tooth.
"well, it's likely fractured... there'll be a few pieces we have to chip off the jaw. So... we're putting you to sleep."

so after three months ... "we'll see how much bone grew in... and decide if we need to do a sinus graft."
(ewww crap I hate it when they say things that include the word "graft")
But for another eighteen hundred dollars... we'll set you up for an implant.
(imagine turning your head into an ikea table that has a pre-threaded hole for one the screws in the little baggie)
When they're done... I'll still have to see another guy about making the crown. (more money).

... of course, there's always the Tom Hanks "Castaway" version of things...

(tooth extraction day... dec 6)
(tooth number 26 for people who know about that sort of thing)

Amazing Race 8 Update!!

Amazing Race 8 Update!!

The Haters

It's all about... wondering just how much they slashed the show's travel budget by... The Whiners weave... er, the Weavers whine and continue to provide pretty much the only actual entertainment, unless you count waiting for Daddy Branson to creep you out as entertaining.

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