November 20th, 2005


Sunday, November 20

K, well... yesterday was a total sack-o-sixes... :)
We got up and got ourselves sorted for Parade time. It was the Community Santa Parade and we were all doffing christmas-sse stuff and walk'en. :)
At "the staging area"... :D

(yes, that's suz on the left.. :D)

Edward was so adorable ... I could have melted...

Geo had nothing but fun... in fact, handing out candy was hard for him because he would fall behind trying to give some to every little pair of hands he could find... :D

The unicycle kids were a gas... (click for full view)

Cool cars...

and big crowds...

Generally... a grand time.
It started off cold... and I put end in sneakers (all that walking) when what he needed was boots... so some cold feet kept him in the van at the "staging area".
Parades are fun... :D

We went from there to the Harry Potter movie... OMG... I don't care that they left out whole elements of the book... although I think it was a miss to not show Harry giving the prize money to Fred and George... but it was fabulously entertaining. More on that subject later!! :D

The day rounded out with a project to rip out the trim in the kitchen under the cabinates and replace it with "new" because the install of the new DW left an ugly spot.
Oh, and the never ending "de-clutter" project continues... Suz has made huge headway in the basement. :D
We FILLED TO BURSTING my BIL's car with little kiddie stuff as a win-fall-gift-day for his son, (earlier marriage) who is 4. My sis and her dude were well pleased. :D

~ greet ftls
~ blue jeans...
~ cape cod shirt... :)
~ finish two projects... (kitchen, office)
~ enjoy a sunday!
~ dinner at my Bro's house to celebrate my SILs b-day. :)
~ watch LOST from last week (finally) tonight... :D
~ that angryvixen manages to not go mental waiting for her baby to pop out!!! :D
~ for laurel714 to get a lttle rest!! :)

Birthday Moments...
Hey ... Happy Slightly Late birthday to elliriel. You're kindness and friendship has always been real reward to hanging here in lj land... :D :D May you have a wonderful year sugar and I hope you were able to draw out some good smiles on the "day of".

And yesterday was also... Sugar-Ray's Birthday!!! Happy Birthday raylenetaskoski You and your lovely kids are a treat. May this next year hold you in the best of health and keep you happy. :)

Today would have been sweetwater_kill's birthday. I hope that your family is doing well and that wherever we go when things come apart... is a place that is keeping you well and letting you smile. You were too young to slip through life's fingers.
On her birthday... a couple of years back... she got her first car... a special gift. She missed a turn a little white later.
She was an interesting young woman... but mostly she was just some girl that deserved to have a full life.

There is no substitute for experience.
Be careful.
Get to that place in life where you can capitalize on the experiences of your youth.
It will make a lot of people happy...
Especially you.