November 18th, 2005


Friday, November 18

Big smiley morning. :)
That's George... "Geo" and he's feeling loads better. Edward was totally burned out this morning but I shuffled him off to buffalo school anyways... and I'll bet he does just fine. :)

We woke up to minus 16 temps and a layer of new snow and ice over everything. Sigh. Car scraping, and shivering as I drive. I'm still stuck in the "I don't need my boots yet" zone... but I'm sure I'll move away soon. :)

~ black ftls
~ green dockers... [ :: see... it's true. I have no ass... :: ]
~ white t... summer short sleeve dress shirt... tie... and the tommy sweater. :)
~ up and booooooooooooogie. Downtown by 8:40 and in a restaurant meeting at 8:45. 9:00 am meeting with new clients...
~ finish that at 11:00 and off to my corp office... check snail mail box... talk to shop geeks for a bit... talk with boss-man-big...
~ blow back to friends office in Hull for a bit...
~ now at my desk (client site) and just finished a late lunch. :)
~ and in 10 mins... work work work... next version of report required ASAP.
~ tonight? write about Survivor at some point... :)
~ hope to see a man about a horse...
~ and maybe watch Alias.
~ to smile at my friend nbbmom... it's nice when you get to see the happiness in a friends heart... wash over the rest of her.
~ that another friend in Derry... makes good choices... and remembers that there will always be new friends... but you can run out of old friends.
~ and that lunaobrien little J - fur - ball... manages to do ok after all that drama. :( I'm glad you guys are all safe and sound. :0

Birthday Moments...
A couple of possibly ... vanished friends. :)
Happy birthday devilshalo13 and I hope you're out there somewhere... having fun and living well. :)
And I miss you kaeren!! happy birthday sugar... may you be held in the loving arms of good health and happiness all year. :)

Wanna read something cool?
Check out this story [ :: about overstocks of Hummers :: ]
I laugh at'cho Mr and Mrs Hummer owners. But I laugh much harder at Hummer Salespeople. :)

So d'ya think the US Army brought some skewers and marshmellows to go along with that Phosphorous?
I mean, they were only hold out resistance fighters... er... and their families...
but heck... you see one flaming iraqui... you've seen 'em all.
Besides... you can't expect to avoid collateral damage in a war...
'specially when you use incendiary bombs... geez.
What'd you expect... ?
I mean... they're the bad guys right.
I wonder if Rum-sfeld walked the scorched earth tossing playing
cards around and saying "I love the smell of Phosphorous in the morning!"

The Canadian government is in negotiations with a group representing Chinese Canadians to make some reparations for a head-tax immigration scam they (the gov) ran in 1885. They (gov) wanted to dissuade Chinese immigration at the time... so they charged them about two months salary to get into the country.
This was hugely insulting and descriminatory. Of course, this happened a hundred years ago... but apparently this doesn't matter.
Twelve million is on the table... and so far it's looking like it's going to some Canadian Chinese School Association thing. Never mind that there are 12 families that are descendants of the original head-tax-payers on the sidelines.
So here's my thing... WT F!!!!!!?
Why are my tax dollars being used to pay out a bunch of money to a school fund because a government a hundred plus years ago did something fucking stupid?
Geezus... An apology maybe... but screw off after that. None of these people paid the head tax thing..and none of us collected the money.
Holy freaking old news batman... and talk about a cash grab. I say screw off and stop waisting my money.

K... time to find coffee and get productive. :)

ps. Welcome to the universe Harry... We're all going to HP and the Goblet tomorrow at lunch. :D

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Ok... [ :: this trailer :: ] for "Yours, Mine, and Ours"
~ includes a song at the last half of the trailer... Lyric "everything will be alright..." (and it's not "the killers") ... I totally recognize the song... but cannot for the life of me ... remember who is performing it.

Help... :)

(and if you have the mp3 of it... :D :D :D

The Middle : jimmy eat world.

Thank you. :)

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~ the internet ... is good! Funny how you never really think about who owns it... because, make no mistake, it exists because a small group of companies manage the massive crazy big freakish switching centers.

~ I have three tickets to Harry Potter for tomorrow at 12:00 noon. Geo is going with a birthday party... and Edward, Z and I will be there too... somewhere.
We start the day off in a parade... Z's office is part of a community services thing... and they are "in" the parade. So we're doffing our santa hats, and the kids are in costumes and we're... (ug) walking for three hours and handing out candy... :)

~ *&^%$$(*$*&)*)(*)(**&**&#$##(#*$*&# <--- that was something about a topic that needs to be under a FO post (so that's next). :)
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Survivor XI Update!!

Survivor XI: Guatemala!

Brought to you by Folgers...

Where in... we are treated to a firm reminder that Jeff's got his-self a downright dirty little mind. Some of the kids party with ... well, he looked like a drug lord to me, and Jamie goes right flippen deep off the end of whatever cliff his peanut brain lives on. There's a killa game of spaghetti ropes and roaring applause from me at the tribal council... :D

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