November 17th, 2005


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"Massage you hair under a waterfall and get lost in the sensuous lather."
~ actual directions on the back of the Herbal Essences shampoo.

geez. :)

~ next up?
tv show... then bed.

Thursday, November 17 (ONE MORE DAY... GOF!!!)

K... so today is not going to work at all like I expected.
These are the slings and arrows of parenthood.
Wake up at 4:00 to one kid sniffling like a wet & dry shop vac cleaning up a smashed watermelon
And get up at 7:00 with another one who's neck is stiff, coughing, hacking, headachy... gah...
K... so today is all about two sick kids and a mommy and daddy that have to work.

I'll work here at my desk while I let them lay on the sofa watching LOTR (sigh, I know... I was just saying the other day about how being sick at home means "in bed & no fun"... but but but ... er...) and I plan to take them both over to my moms house at lunch and try to make the pm thing at work.

me ? fruster-eight-ed.

~ black stripee ftls
~ khaki cargos
~ big blue turtleneck
~ ack...
~ ok, work on the conclusion
~ take kids to mom's house at lunch
~ get to office before 1:00
~ meeting from 1-3
~ try and get a draft on boss's desk and other boss's email before 4
~ home... eventually
~ Survivor tonight... maybe watch Lost from last night.
~ my kiddies were all healthy an stuff
~ that no finds ... what she's looking for.
~ and for kimberly27616 to have a happy move.;)

Can you dig [ :: this :: ] ??
Bush is spending how much on the war? a quarter trillion? and how many times has he told everyone that the 9/11 attack is the root cause?
Well he's been doing a little root-canal work on NY... as the government withdraws 125 million promised for compensation.
ps. thanks vaun. :)

Hey... just to, you know, revisit old words... billions upon billions of dollars bringing democracy to Iraq, and the [ :: news :: ]is already filtering out about how the Iraqui government is falling in on itself. When the US leaves... you can start the countdown to their return to complete religious anarchy ... or worse.

[ :: corto-oogle :: ]
~ hehe... I still think that's neat. :)

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It's fricking blowing snow and all cold and shit out there...
er... snow, cold and shit is a special "canadian" way to refer to icey road conditions.
A pox on icey roads!!

I'm at work...
... kids are at my moms.
Suz is at work.
And the Ottawa Senators? (hockey team that keeps kicking the crap out of the Toronto Maple Leafs)
Yeah, they're at work too.
Sadly, they work kinda "next door" to my house...
So while the snow flies...
While the ice builds up...
And every hockey fan in the city converges on my my back yard...
I get to drive home from the concrete jungle in Hull ("hull" ... evil government town on the edge of Ottawa, but still in Quebec).

So what I'm saying is... it's gonna be an evil drive home.
The only good part? Suz and I are heading to my moms to have dinner. :)

me = loves my mommy and daddy... heck, I even love my mommy-in-law...
me = completely aware of how fortunate I am to have a together and "good" family. We all have our moments and personality features that sometimes make you want to shove tooth pics in your eyes... but we love each other and get along famously. :)

and yes... I'm posting this in a purely "procrastinating" moment.
so? sue me!! :)

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You know how they end the radio adverts for whatever swinging,
top 40 hit list, night club, so-called "parties" (aka meat markets)?
Sponsored by Smirnoff... or Molsons... or Budweiser... or whatever?
... and after telling you to come out and get your freak on,
promises of scantily clad girls, and endless flowing booze and music...
they throw in, with a jury-duty-voice "and please drink responsibly..."

what a load of crap.

Come on down... bring your wallet... we got the music... the girls...
and the booze...
drink enough and you'll actually think you have a personality...
let alone think a few of these skanks aren't diseased... and Ladies!!!
drink enough and a couple of these slobs are gonna actually look good!!...
but come on... everyone drink drink drink drink drink drink ...

~ oh, and try not to kill anyone as you drive home... and look
out for the guys out front who think it'd be a great idea to beat the crap
out of one another...

Alcohol... making smart people stupid for centuries... and why stop now.

Next week... we're gonna hold a Smith & Weston sponsored... GUN PARTY...
"and please... shoot responsibly..."


I just think it's fricking stupid that they add that little disclaimer at the end.
I know people party... been there... done that...
but that "and please drink responsibly" is like putting a "Please Wash Your Hands" sign in a bathroom.
If your the type to not wash your hands after wiping your ass... that sign isn't gonna change your evil ways.
And the radio add disclaimer?
Flipping useless.