November 15th, 2005


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Life and the internet are fricken weird man... :)

[ :: give me one dalla... give me dolla... an den... bill die big fas! :: ]
~ quick now... go get rich!

~ and another thing...
People kinda shut up about the "no pit bulls in Ontario" thing...
... good.
Pit Bull - brain size of walnut.
Law against the dogs - hard to enforce.
Creates new problems.
... and who cares.
Less Pit Bulls.... weeee!
(dances around)

k... now I go and close my eyes... and count to four.
I plan on counting to ten.
but I usually get to two and then think about what I'd do with a million dollars.
Then I remember I'm trying to get to sleep so I count three and four...
Then I think about how Neo could manipulate the matrix and basically
do anything... like that french guy in the restaurant thing...
Which, of course, makes me think of that girl... Bellucci,
and I pretty much stop thinking at that point and presto,
it's morning.

so I'm off.

Tuesday, November 15

Dorky question mark face... :)

Little Edward was pushing a fever around last night... he crashed after dinner... and, well, other than a moment of lucid behavior around 1:00 am, he's still out! sigh. So, up today with Geo and I let Z sleep in and, of course, Edward too. Oh, and we're having our first actual snow of the year... it'll all melt away, cause the ground is just not cold 'nuf yet... but they're calling for Snow, Freezing Rain, and ... a hockey game at the Corel Centre tonight. Flaque!!!! The drive home is going to suck huge and hairy tonight. ggrrrrr.

I was fixing to iron my shirt this morning... but I heard Geo pouring his cereal... and I was filled with my own memories of grade school breakfasts with my Mom on the other side of the counter talking to me about my day and stuff... So I boogied downstairs and had my cereal with him. The shirt can wait. :D

~ blue ftls
~ dk green dockers
~ beige t, beige kinda short sleeve dress shirt
~ tommy sweater... not that you could tell it's a tommy, except for this wee tiny little tag on the cuff.
~ flip out work zone. Nothing... totally focused day. :) (save for this little moment.:D)
~ AR tonight... maybe Prison Break from last night... I've two weeks of medium to get through ... and Greys Anatomy! <-- love that show!!!
~ for fewer turrets like moments in the life and times of hakuai (hahaaha)
~ that a girl named jess... finds a way to get all that she wants...
~ for very little wildlife interference in beachdog's flight...
~ to say how glad I am that all is well with aeue and her little baby making self. :)
~ and to point out to no that I am clearly not asian. :)

Have you seen pictures of Ariel Sharron? [ :: picture :: ] This guy redefines the entire concept of Big. I, for one, do not believe he's entirely just a big fat guy. I think the guy walks around with 200 lbs of body armor on. It appears to be something like a solid steel or Kevlar barrel around his torso. Of course, that means, the bullet with his name on it is destined to hit him in the head... but still... Holy freaking huge guy. Did you see Willy Wonka? Old or new ... it doesn't matter... This guy is basically who they stylized Violette after!!

I gotta say... sometimes, when I read through Lj ... the word Sheep pops into my head.

How does a someone meet a person that they can form a real relationship with?
Job one... Stop looking at a persons transitional physical attributes... and learn how to be sincerely interested in what someone else is saying... period.

Honk Honk !!!!

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To all the lovely people that are commenting on the comment I made elsewhere...
I can no longer reply to you in that thread... (for some reason... snarf)

The comment that looked like;

bah ... and a pox on your view here. The quotes you post here are rediculous in the extreme.

"Can Pit Bulls "turn" on people? In fact, no breed of dog does. Dog aggression is nearly always preceded by some kind of warning, and there is always a reason behind the attack. However, many inexperienced owners do not recognize the dog's behavior as aggression, or refuse to acknowledge it as a warning sign."
TRANSLATION: Assholes that own agressive dogs don't know it and that agressive dog can decide, all by itself, with no prompting from the victem, to attack. When that choice is made by a dog as strong and powerful as a Pitt, the consequences are horrific.

Media Hype? That's a rotten way to describe the vast scar tissue lining my friends leg where the pit ripped through her uniform after diving through a locked door to get at her. I talked about that in my post and made a point of saying that I base my opinions in this matter on personal experiences with the stupid pits.

they are not only an ugly and vapidly stupid breed of dog, they are prone - like it or not - to snap and go nasty. When a sheppard or a lab or a dane snaps and goes nasty... you tend to not need four years of physical theropy to walk again.

The AKC and legions of nut bars that love the Pitt can blather on for days on end about what a lovely child friendly dog the Pitt Bull is... and it wont change a thing.

dumb dog. Dumb dumb dumb dog and Dangerous to boot.

Yes... most Pitt Bull problems can be placed squarely on the shoulders of the people that own them. So what does that say about Pitt Bull owners? What type of dog is Lu Lu?

Yeah... and the day Lu Lu attacks some postal worker, kid or passer by... you can come back and explain how lovey dovey he / she / it is

So let me just say,
yes, I am indeed all those things you're calling me. :)

There... does that feel good now?
I know you wanted to hear from me...


one last post then I'll leave it and move on to nice things... promise.

k... I'm sure most are well and truly sick of this by now... but I'm gonna explain more.

First of all... I continue to get responses from people in Knickers journal but I cannot reply to them,
so I'm keen to make my points here.

Knickers made a post today, after a day of back and forth'ing in my journal about the dog issue
and it went a little like "I've known this person for a long time and I've always liked him blah blah blah but now he's off on dogs and I want to clear up all the myths and lies he's saying about dogs." Or some rot like that... it was passive aggressive as far as I was concerned and I decided to respond to it.

This - no doubt - makes me a drama queen and a bad person...
And I just do not give a shit.

It was one of those "enough is enough" moments and I let it out.
You can trot out quotes from people I've never heard of who represent what can only be described as special interest groups on almost any subject you can imagine.
Statistics can be bent to look like any opinion or proof you want to make and when you get right down to it... all I was doing was saying I fucking hate that breed of dog, and I'm glad the province I live in has seen fit to ban them after hundreds of attacks.

I realize that all dogs can attack.
But I would rather be attacked by a wide assortment of dog breeds besides a pitt bull.

But when a punk ass poodle attacks you.... and it can really hurt, bite through skin etc...
And you can reach down and break it's fricking neck or pull it's teeth out - if you want to be gross and graphic about it.

Bottom line... if a pitt attacks you... you can kiss your ass good bye because it's gonna win.
And the chances are, if it bites you when it's really pissed off ... then it's not gonna let go.

Now... forget all that crap for a minute...

Paying tribute to the apparent truism... "If you want to trim your friends list... insult dogs."
I watched a few bail today. Fine. This garners a great big bag of whatever.
However.... one "departer" left with the comment that it appears I am not tolerant of other peoples opinions.

And that is total crap.
Do you have any fricking idea how many comments and diverse opinions I get through this journal every week?
I get all kinds... believe me... and I have no problem with 99% of it.

If strangers want to show up and give me a hard time because they don't agree with my opinion... I'll even take a little of that.

Just because I respond... is no reason to conclude I'm an intolerant boob.
I welcome contrary opinions and I enjoy a good debate.

If your a jack off, I'll be a dick head to you and then laugh about it as I walk away from my computer.