November 11th, 2005


Friday, November 11

That, my friends, is the best home remedy for a sore back you are ever gonna find. Add one wall ... or a bed and put that little baby between you and said wall or bed and ... move yourself around on it. You can get a deep tissue massage in moments... grunting and straining like a pro.

It's friday... it's become sunny (despite starting all nasty looking) in bursts. In fact... it's looking absolutely gorgeous... at least when the sun pokes out. :)

You simply cannot imagine how NOT fun it is going to be to pack this house into boxes... let alone "de clutter" this house for the "for sale" zone.
We were doing some "we have to sell this place" planning last night... sigh.

~ dk blue ftls
~ the "middle" jeans... [ :: not the old ripped ones, or the new don't-actually-fit-me ones, but the middle jeans... :: ]
~ b.u.m. long sleeve weirdness thing with what appears to be a blue short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve "waffle fabric"undershirt... but don't be fooled... this fashion explosion is all one shirt. :)
~ wake up ... and sloth around in a house coat forcing children to wear clothes and eat food and then wear warmer clothes like coats and send them out into the cold gray fall morning. (we're soooooooooooo lucky that we live so close to the school bus stop. :D)
~ then actually watch the rest of the "The Weekenders" ... because it's currently my fav kids cartoon. Today, Lori was trend-ifized by two other girls in a horrible make over thing to appeal to skater dude at the arcade, while Tish, Carver and Tino try to accept the reality of her changing styles... Fortunately she (Lori) blew off the destined-to-be-hospitalized-for-eating-disorders girls and skater boy liked her just the way she was... er, yeah, sorry about all that... :D
~ shower, shave, dress and geek it out with on-line connections to work ... because while my client has the day off... I - sadly - do not. I will, however, go look at appliances with Suzy-q after lunch for a bit... but shhhhh... don't tell my boss.... (and the jokes on me... because he reads my public journal... Hi boss!) (hence the reason why I only disseminate corporate espionage type information and discuss my success as a heroin dealing al-queda overlord in my filtered posts...)
~ tonight? We'll finish GOF (potter) and there will be much tv... we back log Medium, Alias, and Invasion on any given week.
~ and write about Survivor at some point... :)
~ I had not looked at one of the "extreme" video moments on Ebaums world. I have simply GOT TO REMEMBER to never look at that shit because it fucks me up.!!! ug!
~ that I had a free-and-clear-day-off today... :)
~ I wasn't so petty sometimes... but, alas, earwax...

I think the strangest thing there is to see when looking for strangeness in US Politics... is the behavior of congressional seats on committees. Like watching the Alaska dude bitch slapping the woman that wanted to have the committee vote on whether or not the five CEO's of BIG OIL had to be sworn in when they were called to answer for the profiteering the Oil Companies engaged in over the last year. Dude wanted them to NOT be sworn in... she motions for a vote on the subject, it gets seconded and then dude totally tells her go fuck herself (well, ok, he didn't say "fuck") and the hearing continues as if she never even spoke. How she restrains herself from walking over to him and kicking him in the colostomy bag is a big mystery to me. (the moment in question was recounted on last nights The Daily Show)

Friends just try ... because it's what friends do... and it's always good enough.

circlek posted a link to this the other day... and it's just hilarious.
Kelly Rippa... crack head... er... just watch... :D [ :: click me and watch :: ]

Survivor XI Update!!

Survivor XI: Guatemala!

Lies, Damn Lies...

Where in... some of the most seriously deficient human beings evva attempt to crap their way to a million dollars. Big, drunk and stupid versus blind ambition, dumb-as-a-post versus as-thin-as-a-post, or just plain ol'stooooooopid versus... itself. The nit wits chuck arrows around, eat like pigs and paupers, misunderstand one another, lie like rugs, walk thin lines and then to top it all off, one of them snookers the rest... but good. They send the first person to the jury tonight and feed my constant fear... that Jeff will have to start shooting these guys just to put them out of our misery.

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