November 10th, 2005


Amazing Race 8 Updates!!! (plural!)

Amazing Race 8 Update!!

Double Header: #1 Hot Snot and #2 Air Biscuit

First? Well, Hot Snot, of course!!

It's all about... taxis, airplanes and more frick'en race cars!! It's like the whole season is this freakish therapy session for the Florida Trailer Crew. They all jerk around, drowning, sweating or getting lost in the details, but minutes count on a race track and when the peddle hits the metal the escaped animatronics crack heads, the Paolo’s, are being lead by a guy that can't count to five.
Note: Both Episode Updates are in this post!

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Thursday, November 10

Tis' a glorious day.
it started in the dark... again, as I wandered down for coffee and set about boiling eggs and waking the boys.
A nice and peaceful shower... and a quick snuggle with the warm girl...
then wake her up, dress and get going.!!!
Everything went swimmingly today (again!!!!) and I'm so damned excited about finding my groove for the morning thing that you just can't believe.

There were scattered flakes of snow this morning... but it's kinda sunny now... so Mother Nature must be trying to mirror my vibe. :)

Last night? well, we're just about done GOF (harry potter) ... and as we zoom into the last few chapters... it's become a full family event (we've all read it except Ed)
So we pile on our bed and I read. (I read loud... lots of "other voices" and gestures... it's a load of fun reading to kids).

Oh, and LOST... so I finally get it... how they planned to get a third and fourth season out of this thing!!! Having a whole series of episodes based on what happened to the other part of the plane... Cool. Notice how Jack and the hottie weren't in last nights show at all?
I'm totally loving that show. :D

~ black stripee ftls
~ khaki cargos
~ gray t and big blue turtleneck.
~ and, sadly, my dress shoes. I need new shit kickers to wear when I feel a bit more cazz.
~ three groove station meetings before the lunch hour hits.
~ one to scope out a request for my services at another Fed Dept (this makes me happy... reputation building)
~ another to get my current client to let me extend my end date to do this other gig mid stream
~ a team thing to sort out some "problem management" solutions for ongoing geek problems with this client.
~ Survivor tonight!!!
~ to sing and dance in my happy response to the grand news of dear lakme's (suzanne!) recent WEDDING. Married in New York! :D
~ that family relationships and prospective travel bring rewards to my friend sleep_walker
~ and to thank the many friends that have reached out to me with encouraging words of late... you guys take good care of my heart. :)

Tomorrow is November 11th. Canadians set aside this day to mark the 11th hour of the 11th day on the 11th month as a day to remember the sacrifice of our war veterans. Children go to assemblies or - as do our kids this year - travel from school to a monument of some significance and share air with old men in older uniforms and honor a memory that the children cannot yet fully comprehend.
Whether the lives in your past fell on the sands of Normandy... crawled across Juno beach... or stormed Omaha's dunes... those lives are, in fact, a part of your heritage. An unimaginable loss of life... fear and accomplishment that shaped the hearts and minds of an entire hemisphere... woke up like a beast, rampaged and fell again into the sickening pits of hell where it yet rests.
We... perhaps you... lament "Lest we forget... " and promise "... never again."
These words began to have meaning for me at some point in High School when the reality of those conflicts sank in...
No sooner did I begin to understand, than I also began to feel an anger that to this day has not abated.
It seems to me... that for three hundred and sixty four days ... we do, in fact, forget and then spend a day making like we don't.
A good soldier knows war is hell and is to be avoided at all costs... unless he's watching a Army recruitment video.

May the memories of fallen brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters... be some day honored by our collective intelligence and reasonable peace.

As a few friends here have been pointing out... today marks the anniversary of the fateful day in 1975 that the Great Lakes swallowed the Edmund Fitzgerald.
I urge you to go [ :: here :: ] and read the lyrics to the haunting song from Gordon Lightfoot recounting the wreck of this ship. You cannot read them without getting a goose bump or two. If you have the means, right click [ :: here :: ] and save the mp3 of that song and give it a listen. (goose bump city).
The song... the story... have long been a part of my life. Make it part of yours...

Everybody is all about the blue balls... and no...get your mind out of the gutter.
Amanda Cogden ( featured the little devils on her show yesterday...
Let me share... (turn your sound down, but turn it up after it starts... it's better that way)... [ :: blue balls :: ]

Where ever you are...
What ever you have to do ...
May you find the fortune...
to have a wonderful day.

~ peace.
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Law and Order: criminal intent
Parts I & II: 11/06/05 "In The Wee Small Hours"

I can't find a torrent of this show.
Does it usually take longer than "since last weekend" for a show end up in torrent land?