November 9th, 2005


Wednesday, November 9

I got my MIL sorted out last night... iBook and word processing... Appleworks as a temp solution. :)
Then a quick visit with my mom... and home to read a bunch of Goblet of Fire to Ed...
He wants to have it done before... you know... the big movie release!!! Oh so close!!!

Home office today and ... work work work.
I'm in the zone!!

It's c-c-c-c-c-cold today. -5 last night... everything was so frosty and brr this morning.
And, of course, I have to convince Geo to wear something besides a hoodie. !

and ps. Another stellar morning in this house!! :D

~ blue stripee ftls
~ ripped, old, jeans... (can you guess they're my fav?)
~ b.u.m. t and a sweatshirt... brrrrr!
~ work work work... I'm feeling the pressure now. !
~ firm up some financing stuff with the builders...
~ write something about AR from last night... (and personally, I'd trade any of them for the Gahgans to come back!!)
~ to send a few friendly vibes out to my west coast time bomb... bratt72
~ a small wish for patience and mommy strength out to arlyn!!!!
~ to smile a lot... and most of that over at sin_da_rella just 'cuz. :)

Bush? Down in the polls?indictments?
Libby the porn king?
Popular support for war... vanishing like a crack addicts bank account?
~ you know Georgie Poopie Head wets the bed... like all the time. You read it here... so it must be true.

Dear Texas:
I know there's lots of nice people there... but apparently they are all on my friends list, because the rest of you are fricking idiots
Way to vote there... and way to remind everyone that Texas is a separate country and populated by some of the most intolerant people on the continent.
Bah... and a pox on your big horns...
~ now, quick... somebody publish pics of the governor riding the tower of power and squealing like a little girl.

Gee Stevie... (Stephen Harper - titular head of the Canadian Federal PC Party)... a few more gaffs like dissing out the War Veterans and I may get my wish to see you fly of a ficking cliff.
A CLUE: When a government is rejected by the voters in an election called by oppositions parties over a lack of moral fortitude, scandalous behavior, stupidity and generally dumb-ass'ness... everybody starts to dream about kettles yelling racial epitaphs at a pot. Personally, I'm all about not stepping from the fry pan into the fire and watching civil rights, among other things, fly out the window.

So? Are you down with anyones video blog? The vblog thing is kinda outstanding. :D :D
One of my long time friends here in lj land has been doing one... "My Life, in 5 second intervals". It's kind of a "A Day In My Life" vblog and it's great.
Go visit kitykity and see what I mean... :) (go go suzy-q!!)

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have you ever watched flocks of canadian geese during migration season?

As if the rain, wind and weather of any sort was meaningless
Black lines of ordered confusion move from over there...
To over there...
The classic "V" formation is often broken...
Only to reform in smaller V's and then collecting again.
Liquid rolling across the surface of the sky,
Pooling, separating and pooling again.
And the honking...
Do you know what the honking is?
It's the geese encouraging one another...
Urging them on...
From one horizon to the other.

honk honk... :D